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Rant. Game design, MTX, and the community.

black ops 4 4 - Rant. Game design, MTX, and the community.

Black Ops 4 was designed as, and is, a hero shooter. The original pitch for the game was simple.

"At the start of each match, players choose a hero with 4 built in abilities. Heal, Equipment, Weapon, and Ultimate. There are no killstreaks or scorestreaks so players will focus more on the objective instead of camping, and eventually once the player dies to an ability, it won't be so annoying. We've found a solution to Black Ops 3s specialist's. Let's do it."

Do you enjoy destruction and demotion? Battery is your main, with 3 abilities specifically focused around explosives. The 'Cluster Grenade' equipment, 'War Machine' weapon, and 'Artillery Strike' ultimate.

Oh, you like being aware of your surroundings? Try Recon! The 'Sensor Dart' equipment, 'Vison Pulse weapon, and 'UAV' ultimate are your new best friends.

Hmm. You're a filthy camper, aren't ya? Torque has got you covered. The 'Razor Wire' equipment, 'Barricade' weapon, and 'Sentry Gun' ultimate will help you lockdown any area you want.

And so on, you get the general idea. Both the equipment, weapon, and ultimate cooldowns were in the bottom middle of your screen – with the healing cooldowns being directly next to your HP, on the bottom left. It was perfect. The developers were happy with this vision and continued developing the game for 2 years straight.

Until, something happened. Playtesters did not enjoy the game, it was too different and advanced, despite all the changes made to promote fun and fast gameplay. Black Ops 4 wasn't bad, it was different. The multiplayer we currently have is a dumbed down, even more frustrating version of the original version – with ultimates being removed, jetpacks being removed from the gear slot, and killstreaks being added by salvaging the unused/ultimate abilities.

Don't even get me started on the art direction on this game. What was originally the post apocalyptic ruins of Black Ops 3, a world where the primary source of technology were the artifacts of the past, now made no sense with the timeline being changed to be after Black Ops 2. All of the guns in Black Ops 4 are salvaged versions of all the guns from Black Ops 3, with the extreme examples being the Koshka (Locus) – it's literally made from wood and duct tape.

All of the specialists were augmented, you could see no flesh besides the head, but now that was all changed. But.. what about Reaper? He's gonna be added soon, and he's a literal ROBOT so what's even the point? Seraph can't use the annihilator without her arm, yet Prophet still mentions his DNI in obscure voice qoutes.

Why does Black Ops 2 look more futurstic than Black Ops 4 despite it supposedly being set decades after that game? Does it truly take Treyarch employees, friends of Treyarch employees, QA testers, and dataminers this long to tell the true story that was never told?

I can ramble here all day, nobody will truly believe me. How the fuck does both Jason and Dan fuck up 2 times in a row with the storyline? There's no point in making a campaign anymore. Everybody played a role in this fucking disaster that we call a Black Ops game. There will be no more Black Ops games set in the true storyline, only reboots and retcons, because nothing makes sense anymore. Every little detail, every transmission log in Black Ops 3 – even the campaign, has been fucking destroyed because Treyarch couldn't bare the fucking pain to do something new. Or innovative. Or fun.


Who is really being listened to here? Because the community isn't. You'll keep getting shit for updates, weapons locked behind supply drops, false promises that were purposely designed to mislead you into a false sense of security. There is nothing more to Black Ops 4. Nothing. There are people at Treyarch, Activision, hell even the outsiders who know what truly happened behind closed doors WAITING for somebody to say something. And it won't be me, and it probably won't be anybody else. When people are in a position to speak out, either it never crosses their mind, or they talk themselves out of it.

It's just hilarious how people think this game will make a sudden switch, that everything will change. Not even Zombies will get a happy ending – Aether is already fucked, the story hasn't even been correctly told yet. The maps you're getting for Zombies? You weren't even supposed to get them yet, not like this. There is nothing unique or special to see. All the specialists that'll ever be added are already finished. Spectre and Zero were in the original plans for Black Ops 4 and were entirely ready for launch, but nope, let's just sit on them for a bit and stretch the content out. Same for the weapons, and the cosmetics, and the maps. Basically everything of substance added into this game, whether that's Multiplayer maps or Blackout updates, were already prepared or are reused from the scrapped campaign.

Everybody at Treyarch has already moved onto the next game. Black Ops 4 is being worked on by a very small portion of the development team, and again, everything from game modes to weapons to just content in general was already finished. You aren't even playing a game anymore, everything is temporary or a limited event, the game itself isn't getting legitimate new additions. It's all a test to see what people can deal with. Yet you're still gonna buy Modern Warfare and Black Ops 5, thinking something will change, huh? How many games need to be fucked with MTX until people realise that nothing will change? Modern Warfare will have a season pass and supply drops, just renamed. So will every future Call of Duty game. I'm not telling you what you should and shouldn't do with your money, buy all the supply drops you want and get drunk on dopamine, but don't complain. Because you know it'll never change. If you want Call of Duty to stop trying to constantly squeeze every fucking penny out of the consumer them stop buying the game. There's only so many MTX tactics you can use until it stops working, eventually Activision will need to move on. People are buying less Black Ops 4 supply drops every day, but that's irrelevant, because people are still buying them. But if the amount of people buying them were small enough and profit continued to be lost, than the investors will complain and a new system will be implemented. I'm tired of this shit. I'm tired of people not understanding these basic concepts. I'm tired of thinking that this game will be good. Every update is more shit, more disappointment, more unnecessary download sizes. Nothing will change.


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