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Reasons why Equipment (Create a Class Equipment) should be Buffed (and Nerfed).

black ops 4 1 - Reasons why Equipment (Create a Class Equipment) should be Buffed (and Nerfed).

I'm tired, I got bored and wrote this because I can't sleep, I'd love to hear everyone's opinions about my post.

Equipment take up a spot in the Create a Class while Specialist Equipment don't

If it takes up a Create a Class Slot it should at least be able to compete with normal Specialist Equipment.

Cool Down

I don't think Treyarch should get rid of the Cool Down for Equipment entirely, it should definitely be lessened for some Equipments.

Combat Axe shouldn't even have Equipment Cooldown, it can be easy to miss a Axe and when you respawn you don't have your Axe anymore.

They could either let you have your Axe on respawn or maybe let you pick up your Axe that you threw, after death. I go back to the place where my Axe should be and it's never there, at least do that.

Trophy System should have a charge of half a minute instead of a minute. The Trophy System is really useful in Objective Gamemodes and a buff would encourage people to use it more and start defending objectives more.

Frags from my knowledge have a slightly higher Cooldown time than the Cluster Grenade, I've found the Frags to be not as good as the Cluster. It should have a slightly less time than the Cluster. Frags should still have a Cooldown Timer to make sure there is no Grenade Spam.


Molotov should have a slightly less cooldown time but it shouldn't be too big of a change because when you hit someone with the Molotov – they get a status affect of being Burned. (Correct me if I'm wrong) When burned, they cannot heal the health they got damaged, only can heal whatever their max health is until the status affect goes away.

Concussion should have a less cooldown than the 9-Bang because the 9-Bang has a less timer than the Concussion. The 9-Bang is already a superior version of the 9-Bang.


Combat Axe should be able to be thrown faster with Dexterity.

Frags should have a higher blast radius.


Trophy System when defending against the War Machine and Launchers, the War Machine and Launchers will have a bigger chance of getting past the Trophy System's defense.

Concussion when someone has Tac Mask they shouldn't hold their hand up (I don't know if they changed this in a patch or not) and they can now ADS but their movement is significantly slowed.


Molotov: I can't think of any Buffs or Nerfs to the Molotov, if someone can give a suggestion that would be nice.

Thanks for reading, I'll get back to you guys in the morning – it'll probably take awhile to get replies for this post.

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