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RECAP: Barebones, Infected, Deathmatch Domination, Arsenal Sandstorm and Reactive Camo changes are coming to Black Ops 4 tomorrow.

black ops 4 6 - RECAP: Barebones, Infected, Deathmatch Domination, Arsenal Sandstorm and Reactive Camo changes are coming to Black Ops 4 tomorrow.

From the Treyarch's livestream done almost an hour ago. For all of the fellow BO4 playersplayer who may have missed it, and for the ones who want to see the recap, here we go:


  • No Specialists (duh). No Tac Deploy, no Ice Pick, no nothing.

  • No Operator Mods.

  • Manual healing, so you have your (kind of) standard BO4 experience.

  • No gear.

  • Standard Issue Equipment will be fully charged upon spawning, one use per life. Restock upon respawn.

  • Fog of War will stay as part of the experience.

  • The Barebones playlist will have TDM and Domination, with both core and hardcore variations for all hardcore fans.


  • David Vonderhaar reflected on the addition of more Specialist weapons and equipment, like the Purifier. They are continuing with that additions with the Sparrow and EMP grenades.

  • The EMP grenade will stop the vehicles' engines, stopping them from running over you and providing a tactical counterplay to them.

  • The Sparrow will only have 10 arrows, it have interesting ballistics and Vonderhaar says it's a "humilliation" weapon. Only avaivable from Care

  • Vonderhaar says ammo types for the specialist weapons will be both confusing and would alter the meta too much, will stay as it is.

  • People were apparently abusing perk combinations (like Medic, Outlander and Consumer) to stay in the collapse longer than intended. After a lot of (perhaps angry) tweets, Vonderhaar says the team has tweaked the collapse damage to rapidly escalate the longer you're there, especially during later rounds.

  • There's a new melee weapon, the Demo Hammer, and according to Vonderhaar, the idea was Tony Flame's. Purely cosmetic. Yeah. I wanted one of Killing Floor 2' most unique weapons in BO4… Bummer.

  • Past LTMs like Ambush have inspired current experiences like Hot Pursuit.

  • Ambush 2.0 will be coming to BO4 (not really called like that). No more ATVs or ARAVs running over you and your squads as THAT ISN'T THE SPIRIT OF THE MODE, according to Vonderhaar. No SDM (Vonderhaar's favourite weapon), Shotguns are added and the 4X scope spawn rate is increased. More close range and long range, no running over.

  • The gamemode will be monitored and improved/changed if necessary after its taken from rotation.

  • The After-Action Report screen will be reworked to better reflect performance and LTM-specific actions.

  • According to Vonderhaar, Operation Grand Heist's closing days will have something "pretty neat" in store for the players he cam't talk about yet. Alcatraz-Based gamemode, perhaps?


  • First added to a Treyarch CoD game in BO3, with help from Raven Software, returns to BO4, totally developed in-house. Quite self-explanatory, not much more revealed.

Deathmatch Domination

  • The gamemode we all know and love, with a spin: kills contribute to the overall team score, regardless of captured flags. The score limit in both halves of the match will be 200, to add up to a total of 400 (similar to the Endurance variation of the gamemode). Lone Wolfs rejoice!

Arsenal Sandstorm

  • One of BO4 classics return with a sandy makeover, changing overall visibility on the map and making sniping and high-powered scopes usage more difficult and tactical.

Reactive Camo change

  • NOW YOU CAN EQUIP AVAIVABLE REACTIVE CAMOS WITHOUT UNLOCKING GOLD FOR A WEAPON!!! Now I can use my reactive camos without no-lifing Dark Matter on my shitty internet connection. Thanks Treyarch!


  • Treyarch made it so the Scorestreak kills-based medals now award at least 100 XP. Cool!

  • They are looking into lifting some of the game's restrictions (like they just did with the reactive camos), and are asking for fan feedback to identify and work on them. Discuss away!

Well, guys, that is all! What do you think of this new additions and changes?

Hope I helped!

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