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Saving someone’s Christmas

black ops 4 3 - Saving someone's Christmas

So I went to Walmart the other day to see if they had any good controller deals. When walking up to the gaming displays I heard an older mother/grandmother talking to an employee there who didnt seem like she knew anything about games and didnt even want to be working. The mother was asking about the "Call to Duty" game her young one was asking for last month. I saw her pick up a copy of Black Ops 3 and the mother commented on how it was a great deal and that other games cost to much.


That's where I step in. I interrupted briefly and informed her that the newest game just came out, unfortunately at a higher price, but that the logos look nearly the same and that she would want to find the right game if she didn't want a bad or faked reaction when it was unwrapped. The woman thanked me heavily for helping her avoid an unwanted problem. I know my mom would make the exact same mistake if I wasnt crazy specific with telling her about games and sequels and prequels when I was a kid.

I was able to leave Walmart with a smile (that never happens lol) knowing I may have saved one little kids Christmas. Maybe one good deed will make up for all the shittalking I do online haha. Merry gaming to you all.

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