CoD: Black Ops 4

Similar to WWII, Treyarch should hold an event dedicated to Zombie fans!

black ops 4 2 - Similar to WWII, Treyarch should hold an event dedicated to Zombie fans!

I understand that they must have a list of all planned Operations. This is only an idea, and something that'll bring some sort of postivity for the zombies fanbase! I also apologize for the format, but I am on mobile.

Maybe call it Operation Nova, or Operation 115!

Tiers will have stickers, calling cards, and Blackout characters dedicated to zombie lovers, as well as the MP40 and other weapons added into the teir mix.

•The operation could feature Nacht Der Untoten, or Verruckt, or maybe other small, and doable maps converted in MP maps, similar to WWII.

Maybe remake Asylum or Nightfire?


•This could have a potential location added to make the Zombies fanbase feel at home, and take them back; this is where Nacht comes in. Serving as what it once was in WaW, which is an abandon outpost, which can be located somewhere in the desert.

Although Blackout teased Alcatraz, this is only an idea!

Modes to be added

•A zombie styled infected, similar to WWII , featured in MP.

•A large 100 infected mode added to Blackout, in a dark, foggy setting, with the circle closed in on zombie locations. A path closed in by Nova gas/Fog similar to Tranzit, will guide the way to another far zombies location.


Or maybe you'll have to defend a location for x amount of time, and you'll have a specific time to travel to another location before the circle closes in on that location, leaving you to defend it, etc..

•this is only an idea, but a survival PvP gamemode, similar to the zombies mod in CoD4. This mode is similar to Survival in MW3/AW, combined with Infected.


•Nacht, or any other ZC map imported into BO4. I understand it's not that simple, but with ZC maps being developed in BO4's engine, I can see this being easier for the team.

This content will be for those who love strictly zombies, and would love yet another throwback into BO4.

Thank you all for listening to this idea , I hope you loved it, and would love to hear ideas/improvements that can be added.

The zombies community has been having a tough time, and as someone who loves bouncing across all modes, I feel this could be a phenomenal event.

I understand it's most likely far too late, but I feel that the modes could still be implemented if the community loved the ideas too! I'd love to see this happen by the end of the cycle, and I personally find it refreshing and an amazing time for everyone!

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