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some thinking about vendetta.

black ops 4 2 - some thinking about vendetta.

i actually make a video about it but i can't link it here.

so i just wanna share draft out here, hope i can help you.

here is the call of duty black ops 4 gun rack. In this series, i'm gonna analysis some very powerful weapon in the game。This series mainly focuses on pc multiplay core mode player cos i play black ops 4 on pc。If you are console player, this video might not be a 100% useful but you can also check it out。

Today we gonna check one of black market weapon。Vendetta。In my gun rack,we are not just gonna talk about those weapons nowadays, we also gonna talk about how this weapon used to be. In bo4 vendetta used to be one of the most op weapons on pc, cos vendetta headshot used to give you an instant kill. That means potential ttk is zero. On pc, for the player who really good at aiming, they will get tons of headshot kill. It just so crazy. This is the date i got before the vendetta‘s nerf. More than 50% headshot chance. But right now in core mode, if you using vendetta, you will never see the one shot one kill medal again. Cos right now on pc, even you shot the head, it at least gonna take you 2 bullets to get a kill. But that doesn’t mean vendetta is not good anymore. It’s still one of the best weapons you can have in bo4.

Check the weapon attachment pool first。It’s has 4 different optics,dual zoom,holo,ironsight and night vision. I bet right now you all know that the dual zoom and recon optics got the ability to reduce the kick, right? So, i strongly suggest trying the dual zoom on vendetta. It works just so well. Cos vendetta do have some obvious kick,if you got a golden finger and shot this weapon with maximum firing speed,kick wound definitely affect your aiming。But if you got duel zoom and grip attachment at the same time, your weapon got 0 kick. Night vision is also a good choice, especially on that hacienda twilight, firing range night and arsenal sandstorm. Oh my god, these 3 maps are literally nightmare. Btw the night vision optics had used to increase weapon kicks a lot. But right now, i tested it, it seems just fine. If you don’t have enough point to get an optic, the original optic is actually pretty good, the paladin original sight got 5.75x zoom in ratio, but the vendetta’s zoom in ratio is 3.15, and i just love it. The attachments, it got stock 1 and 2, it works just like vapr’s stock if you equip that, it will provide you the same ads move speed as vapr. Sight loader which basically a fast mag, you also got the quick draw, grip, extender mags, fmj, and a silencer, vendetta’s attachment pool basically gets you everything you need for this weapon. The silencer had used to reduce vendetta's firing speed,but nowadays it doesn’t, but if you wanna silencer on your vendetta, there might be some other problem, we gonna talk about it later. And finally, if you lvl up your vendetta to the max level, you got your operator mod bipod, it can be a useful attachment, depending on you wanna paly vendetta, i'm gonna analyze this operator mod latter.

Im gonna list most of the stuff i have tested here. Comparing to all other snipers, vendetta’s stats’ seems to be decent. But i don’t think we should do the comparison that way. Especially on pc. Cos vendetta is no longer a sniper rifle, you can’t even get one shot one kill medals in core mode, so how it’s a sniper rifle? It's actually a tactic rifle right now. Considering that, vendetta’s ads time, cooldown after running, and all other things are just average. Except for the firepower. Yep, what’ a make vendetta really shiny is the firepower’s upper limit. Vendetta is 3 shot to kill weapon, and if you got 1 headshot, its only take you 2 bullets to kill your enemy. The shortest cooldown between 2 bullets is 135ms, that means you got the ability to get a kill in that time. And that‘s not the limit for vendetta。Do you know the operator mode bipod will increase 10% maximum firing rate? That mean 120ms between 2 bullets. I don’t even know that until some kid using marco and shot the shit out of my team. That was just crazy.


So, what we need to be good at vendetta?

1 a good finger, yep, a really good one. This weapon is not full auto. The firing rate base on how fast you can press your mouse left

2 this is an all range 3 shot to kill weapon with really amazing accuracy when you got attachment with it. Hit your enemy at long range, that’s where you get an advantage. Vendetta is not a weapon for you to rush.

3 if someone close to you, try hip fire, you still got a chance to kill that guy.

4 i know it really hard to shot fast and aiming the head at the same time。 For me, i can’t shoot vendetta that fast, so i always try to get headshot. And this helps me a lot.

5 if you using vendetta, there is a huge problem we can’t ignore。Your bullets might not get hit markers. That’s suck. Treyarch’s net code really sucks. I mean it happens a lot,it happens in every game. If you play this game under 40 ping, it might be just fine, but sometimes i play this game on 80 even 100 ping, this problem makes me wanna die. The reason for this problem is the bullet speed, this shit happened on all slow bullets speed weapon like sdm p90,your bullet sometime just missing. I know lots of people who play call of duty still believe cod is an instant shot and get hitmakers’ game but is not, at least for bo4 is not, Treyarch once posted a video, it says in multiplay mode, only ar have instant hit marker, the sniper rifle is not. You can check this video, see? If i’m using vendetta and shooting the uav, i'm gonna have to shoot a little forward. And the silencer will reduce the bullets speed even further, that would make this missing bullet problem worse!

My suggestion is, if you don’t have good ping, you might considering choose another weapon.

Tips over。There is some trick about the operator mod bipod。Bipod‘s note says when you prone,weapon will shoot in full auto mode。Not just that,it also increasing 10% firing speed. And honestly, bipod not just turn vendetta into full-auto when you prone。As long as you are not at the prone stance, you press the prone button, your weapon will immediately turn into full-auto mode. But when you press that button,you no longer ads,you can only hipfire。 Here is the trick happen, combine bipod with stock 1 and stock2. when your ads, press the prone button, stock 2 provides you the ability to keep ads all the time, and you can instantly start your firing with maximum firing speed cos you got bipod. This is a special way to play vendetta. Pre-aim till you see an enemy, press the prone button first then shoot, that’s how to play with this setup. It takes you some time to get used to it. But it works soooo good, and it’s a funny way to play vendetta. If you don’t have a golden finger,but you want to feel the maximum firing speed of vendetta, you really should try this set up。

Ok, this is everything about vendetta in my gunrack

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