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Special Orders and Respecting the Consumers

black ops 4 3 - Special Orders and Respecting the Consumers

The latest special order on PC and Xbox is a bundle of a few items with the main attraction being the Soldier of Fortune Mastercraft variant for the MX9. The special order costs 1000 CoD points and comes with 10 tiers of single reserve items leading up to the MX9 variant, as well as a 5% tier boost for the remainder of OP Spectre Rising. However, some of you may recognize this Mastercraft as it was part of a bonus digital package that came with the various special editions of Black Ops 4 AND resold once before around about 5-6 months ago as a special order. Having purchased the Mystery Box Edition myself and receiving it that way, I felt a little ripped off seeing the once exclusive variant not only being resold but with additional benefits like the 10 reserves and especially the 5% tier boost. I had contacted Activison Support on twitter requesting that the order be free/have majority of the price discounted for owners of the variant. (dm log can be found in an imgur link below).

As previous precedence for the request, I used an example of the Queen’s Guard bundle (it’s detailed in the dms, but it’s important enough to bring up here) that came with an outfit first earned in Operation Absolute Zero, which I had earned it from, and 5 reserve items and was being resold as a bundle in OP SR. Some time after the bundle hit PC’s market, I had received 5 free reserves and the bundle was marked as “purchased”. Now, while it may just be a guess, I believe these two are connected but the only proof I have is of my reserve history of the 5 items I received at the specific time, May 7th at 12:18 AM (this goes with the assumption that these were added to my account at midnight)
vpc4g - Special Orders and Respecting the Consumers This having occurred, I felt similar should’ve happened for the MX9 bundle.

The conversation with the support agent saying its more on “the studio” (Treyarch) and that there wasn’t much they could do for me than pass it on to people who may do something about it. They also provided a link where I can report the issue on their website, which I did shortly after the conversation ended.


I’m making this post not just so I can get 10 free reserves that are likely to be stickers/duplicates anyway. This is more so for adding to the current conversation of the principles of respecting customers and how this game that I really do enjoy is unfortunately smearing those principles with every additional update. It’s an honest to god shame but hey, they’ve budged recently with how reserves worked in Grand Heist, maybe they’ll budge here and for cases similar. (Twitter DMS:

*As a tangent/footnote, I remember a similar situation. There’s a fighting game on Xbox One/PC called “Killer Instinct” and merchandise was released for it in the form of 6’ figures of the various characters. Each figure landed you a code to unlock a special color pallet for that fighter. There were 2 versions of a figure for a specific character, Shadow Jago, a limited edition that only had 5000 printed, and a later released unlimited edition, but each came with a different color pallet (Colors 10 and 11 respectively) for Shadow Jago. When the people who purchased the limited edition found out the unlimited edition had a color that they wouldn’t have access to, they voiced their concerns on the forums (myself included), as they felt having the more exclusive version of that figure should net them both color pallets. Within a few days, their request was granted and with a very simple process via email, owners of the limited-edition figure were granted access to the color pallet of the unlimited edition as well. I understand this is a somewhat different scenario than posted above but it shows just how some companies can respect their customer’s loyalty and support. (Source on the tangent:

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