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Specialist primary abilities ranked from worst to best.

black ops 4 5 - Specialist primary abilities ranked from worst to best.

Disclaimer: This is a very opinionated list. If you have different opinions, I’d be more then happy too discuss them with you. Other then that, any comments that seem like you’re bashing others for their opinions will be deleted. Friendly discussion so let’s get started.

In a recent post of mine. I’ve posted gameplay saying “Reaper is the best specialist change my mind.” While I certainly stand on that, other people brought up some great ones as well such as Recon, Crash and Ruin. As I was reading those, I decided to rank the main specialist abilities such as the scythe, vision pulse, grav slam, stuff like that. Secondaries won’t be included. So…without further or do let’s get started. I’ll start from worse to best.

Number 14, Torque’s Barricade- Before I continue, dont think just cause it’s at the bottom it’s all out trash. All abilities have their own uniqueness to them but some just show it more then others. Torque’s barricade is an excellent choice to shut down flank routes around a map. Not to mention that it gives off that radiation effect similar to the guardian from Black Ops 2. This is a great choice to lockdown objectives

Number 13, Recon’s Vision Pulse- I find this ability more powerful in hardcore and SND. It’s similar to the VSAT, but it’s not as powerful as the VSAT. It’s so low on the list because once you put the goggles on, everything is so greyed out unless you’re pulsing the enemy it’s very hard to see. When the game first came out I used Recon a lot just to run support. It helped a lot and he’s also great to get score for your streaks.

Number 12, Nomad’s K9 Unit- Nomad was another specialist I started using during BO4’s lifecycle. I’ve faded away from him mainly because of how inconsistent the K-9 unit is. When the game first out, that dog was a tank on legs. It would sponge a whole clip and still leap and take you out. It was crazy.’s just not the same anymore. Counters include Cold blooded, strobe light, a rocket launcher and any more explosives.

Number 11, Ruin’s Grav Slam- The grav slam is very underrated in my opinion. It’s happens very quickly and you can easily get the drop on an unsuspecting person or group. The blast radius is crazy too. You just better hope to catch him in time.

Number 10, The Annihilator pistol- Basically the Mozu on steroids and one do the few specialist abilities that takes skill to use. With good aim, this is one shot kill no matter the health or body armor and is great for getting quick feeds.

Number 9, Ajax’s Ballistic Shield- Literally a Mobile fort, Ajax’s shield is perfect to push through objectives if the whole team is locking it down. I also believe that this is the best Secondary and Primary combos next to Ruin’s grav slam and grapple gun. 9 bang the objective or wherever they’re camping and bring out the shield and it’s a gg.

Number 8- The Outrider’s Sparrow- Another ability that takes pure skill, Outrider’s bow and arrow is great for picking people off at long ranges. I’ve seen some people get feeds without aiming which is incredible in my opinion. Just don’t be near one of the arrows or you will most def blow yourself up.


Number 7, Battery’s War Machine- This might be a very controversial pick but Battery’s War Machine is fun to use but very annoying to go up against. You can here her spray it but you can also hear the screeching grenades as they fly through the air and land near you. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been killed off the streak because of the War Machine.

Number 6, Crash’s health boost- The second support specialist, Crash is honestly great for solo players like Ruin. While crash doesn’t have a lethal primary, his health boost is great for struggling teammates. The extra 50 goes along way and sometimes if they hit it at the right moment, can save you from dying when you’re in a gun fight!

Number 5, Zero’s Ice Pick- Ok…no matter how much I hate zero, I gotta admit her ice pick is crazy powerful. A literal game changer. If you have any streaks out such as an attack chopper, sentry gun, UAV, CUAV, drone squad, those will be hacked and turned against you. The mantis, Snipers nest, strike team, and gunship will be just blown up. That I can live with. Zero is also an excellent counter to specialists like Torque. Especially Torque.

Number 4, Prophet’s Tempest- The tempest is the definition of loving to use it against someone but hate when it’s used against you. I’ve seen so many teammates as well as enemies, get either chain feeds, play of the game, or just take out the whole team. If you get the handle right, you could easily dominate with the Tempest.

Number 3, Spector’s Blade- You guys remember commando in MW2? Crazy right? That’s just what this blade is. Spector is definitely unstoppable when he’s got that blade out. My advice is shoot from a distance. If he gets up close, just put the controller down.

Number 2, Firebreak’s Purifier- An absolute monster on the field. Firebreak literally torches enemies up close or at a distant. Even if you manage to get away or kill him , you’re still burnt if he touches you with that fire. This negates health for enough time for a teammate to come up on you around the corner and finish you off. While it took a long time for the purifier to get to it’s BO3 form it was probably still the best specialist in the game. I think the purifier is definitely deserved of the number 2 spot but you can put an argument for it being number 1.

Number 1, Reaper’s Scythe- Yea you should’ve guessed what was number from the intro. Reaper’s scythe is an absolute shredder. Up close an easy two shot kill but from a distance not a big change maybe a three shot. The hip fire spread is really tight and it has the oppressor from the Titan LMG which makes it really hard to hit someone controlling him. ADS at a distance and always hip fire up close. You’ll definitely shred the entire lobby. The scythe in my opinion is definitely the best primary specialist ability in the entire game.

And that’s my list. You can make your own claims. If you feel like a specialist is too low or to high just let me know! I’m eager to here your opinions below!

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