CoD: Black Ops 4

Stop harrasing FoxhoundFPS

black ops 4 4 - Stop harrasing FoxhoundFPS

His Position: "Treyarch Comms". That is what is description says. He is not the CEO, Vonderhaar or Condrey. He passes feedback and bug reports. That is it. He is not making these MTX decisions. "Stop defending him, he is the middleman". He only facilitates interaction between us and Treyarch. How much power do you think he has in the company? You think he can say, "Hey, terminate supply drops". "Yes, sir were working on a patch". No, that is not how his position works. He is going to listen to his boss about what to say from the recent controversy. Not go against him/her and get possibly get fired from it. People need a job in this world.

Impact this Reddit has: (I hope my math is right) The game sold 14.3 million units according to Statista. This subreddit currently is 297,620 members. That is 2% of the total sales. Let's see Driftor's and Prestige's subscribers. That is 2.7 million. That is 19% of the total sales. Mind you, I am being generous as if we have over 200,00 active users and Prestige gets 1.3 million views for each video. We're not over the 50% mark, this subreddit doesn't have 100,000 current users at one time and Prestige's rant video is sitting at 318,806 views.

Who Activision cares about: The shareholders. They increase dividends by 9% and fired 8% if their workforce. You must see now who they value the most. Nintendo President Satoru cut his paycheck in half due to poor profits. Do you think the CEO of Treyarch will do that?


Hostility: (No, I am not defending the decision to put DLC weapons in supply drops. At this point, I rather have BO3's supply drops. At least I get 3 items from a crate instead of one). Being hostile and using derogatory terms is not going to help us. Some of you must have retail jobs before? When a customer becomes disrespectful, are you going to try to have a conversation with him? Most likely not. Look at Vonderhaar's tweets. He stopped tweeting about COD. He does not want to interact with a hostile community. Like Driftor said in his "Negativity in the CoD community" video, "That sort of attitude on the developers' standpoint from the community, that makes them not want to develop content, not want to develop good content, not give a damn if there's bugs in the content and not feel bad about charging you for supply drops".

I apologize /u/FoxhoundFPS for the constant hostility towards you and thank you for putting up with it. If we lost you, then who will this subreddit have?

TLDR: FoxhoundFPS is not the CEO. This subreddit is too small to make an impact. Being hostile won't solve anything.

Sources: (Sales units) (Shareholders) (Driftor's video)

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