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Thank You 3ARC!!!!/Blackout Future Wishlist u/treyarch_official

black ops 4 2 - Thank You 3ARC!!!!/Blackout Future Wishlist u/treyarch_official


Hey everyone!!!!!!

I don't know if Treyarch will see this but I think I speak for the entire community that still plays this game when I say, thanks for all the continued support to Blackout and BO4 in general! The game has come a long way and will only get better!!!

I know you are all hard at work creating the next COD but if you wouldn't mind showing your loyal fans some more support, we would all appreciate it very much!

Despite the release of Modern Warfare, BO4 is still very populated. The games natural replayability, combined with the awesome new consumer friendly reserve update, is bringing back old players, and creating new ones. The true Black Ops fans will keep playing, so don't give up on us yet. With this post I hope all players can provide feedback and wishes for the future. While I focus purely on Blackout, I ask all players to talk about all subjects BO4 related here.

To ALL Players: Please provide any information/ideas that will make Blackout/the game better (Glitches to patch, map ideas)

To Treyarch: Please review this post and the BO4 Reddit in general. We love you guys and are excited for the future!

Now for some things I wanted to add:

  1. NO BOATS AT HIJACKED!!!!!?!?!???!??

I'm not sure if many people know this, but I do since I almost always drop at Hijacked. It's one of my favorite spots and for some reason, motorboats do not spawn like they usually did all the time near the side ladders or the back of the yacht. There are attack boats that spawn on the beach nearby, but I always have to swim off unless a Helicopter spawns. If this was intentional, please let us know, and if not, would you please patch them in again?

  1. BLACKOUT MAP UPDATES?!?!???!??!!

When BO4 first launched, the first Blackout map update was fall themed, and around this time of year the death stashes were even holiday themed. Why not restart the cycle again? The Spring map update was incredibly beautiful and was my personal favorite. I'm bummed because I started straying away from Black Ops 4 during the middle of 2019, and almost completely missed the Days of Summer and Apocalypse Z map updates. Those were immaculately designed!!!!!!! Please bring those back seasonally or in any way you could think of!!!!! It really helps freshen up the normal drab map.

  1. CONTRABAND UPDATES?!?!?!!!!??

This is more of a long shot request, considering you guys are hard at work creating fresh content for the next COD, but even though Dark Divide is the last major Operation, why can't we get some mini contraband streams like the Barbarians mini stream? I and MANY other players would love some fresh content like Blackout characters, funny gestures, or maybe even a classic weapon to keep the game fresh now and again. Why not bring back:

Bowman (Black Ops 1) Father Mason (Black Ops 2) (Mason survives ending) Harper (Black Ops 2) Dmitri (World at War) Kravchenko (Black Ops 1 and 2) Dragovich (Black Ops 1) Taylor (Black Ops 3) Corvus (Black Ops 3) Young Menendez (Black Ops 2)

M1911 or ASP (Black Ops 1) Man-O-War (Black Ops 3) Mosin Nagant or Kar98k (World at War) DSR 50 or Ballista (Black Ops 2) Stakeout (Black Ops 1) Enfield (Black Ops 1)

Hendricks (Black Ops 3) JFK (Black Ops 1) C. I. A Agent (Black Ops 2 Zombies Multiplayer) C. D. C Operative (Black Ops 2 Zombies Multiplayer) Rachel Kane (Black Ops 3) Savimbi (Black Ops 2)

I understand that it would take too much time to record the original voice actors (Ice Cube, Christopher Meloni), but recycling their voices would be perfect, just like with Classic Price! Also I understand Savimbi is pretty much impossible, considering the previous lawsuit against Activision. 😆

I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to read this! Thank you and let's keep playing this game!!!!!!!!!!!!

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