CoD: Black Ops 4

Thanks Treyarch…

black ops 4 5 - Thanks Treyarch...

… for mostly ignoring all the stuff going on on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and mostly ignoring all the issues if it wasnt mentioned by Youtubers with at least 200k subscribers.

Downvote me as much as you want, I understand that this must feel the same like the last hundrets of thousands posts everyday about what is going on at the game and its current and even ongoing bugs and issues.

This is no hate post, this is not to offend someone, this is just to tell the community and hopefully treyarch how I feel and maybe others too..

I dont wana complain or report anything anymore, this post is just to show treyarch and the community how i feel at the moment about this sh*tshow going on here the last months..

The best to describe it would be the ongoing drama calender meme, at first I was angered and then amoused but still played the game because it was fun at its core, then came other feelings.

I had sadness building up in me, not about the community, I know the community can be toxic sometimes but more about the current communication and treatment we get on Reddit and all social media.

It witnessed something similiar last year when WW2 came out and we got treated like a bag of sh*t from their community manager of that time Michael Condrey.

The difference between now and then is that SHG Games still made it to fire ( or promote .. ) that bad community manager and in the same turn try to turn the game and the issues around and somehow managed to still make an excelent game after all those updates.


Now one big key difference here is that we had even more drama about loot boxes ( on the same level or even more than battlefront 2 ) , unfished stuff, content problems and big balancing / bug issues.

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The other big key difference is that we dont even have any community manager at all now, we just have the support and announcment accounts on reddit and social media but thats it, condrey only appears sometimes on behalf of blackout and on the other half he appears ( or for me appears ) like an arrogant old man that want do anything anymore with passion..

So to complete this rumble about Treyarch / bugs / feelings, I just want to say thank you for the game at its core cause I had so much fun the last months but now i just feel burned out and that mostly because I dont feel like a costumer anymore…

I feel just like another Number , another Wallet now… What does the Numbers mean Mason ?…

tl:dr: rumble about the current situation, community interaction that is missing from treyarch and that i feel burned out because I dont feel like a costumer anymore.

PS: Thanks in advance for everyone who reads this and I hope this will get trough to anyone, wheter it be the community just to see who else feels like this and especially I hope someone at Treyarch reads this and thinks about what they do to some people that always supported them the last years…

Over and out…

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