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The armor situation in Blackout proves that the community doesn’t know what it wants.

black ops 4 1 - The armor situation in Blackout proves that the community doesn't know what it wants.

This is a classic example of the community thinking they know what's best for the game and then bi*ching about the unintended consequences when we get what we want.

We asked for armor repair so we didn't have to lose armor for getting i to fights. We asked for armor to be loot able from dead bodies. We asked for it because our self centered experience told us we should be able to get armor. We shouldn't have to lose armor for playing aggressively while those noobs hid throughout the match and killed us with L3 armor. We bi*ched and moaned about it until Treyarch gave us exactly what we asked for.

Now, we don't like it. We don't like it because we are dying to armor now. We have to shoot people too much and too many of them have it now. This community makes suggestions purely on our own individual self-centered view of the game. We thought the changes would make us get and keep more armor but didn't realize they would get it too. And this is why Reddit sucks at designing games. We're all so self centered that we don't see the bigger picture.

So often we see threads saying nerf this, nerf that based solely on the fact that we die from it. Some people are asking for nerfs to weapons they haven't even tried using themselves. We call others who use those things like concussions and L3 armor noobs, but still lose when we have the same noob enabling gear.

We don't complain when we snipe people who can't shoot back because they have no scope, but we complain if they have L3 armor and make it to hard for us to kill them from a distance.


If Treyarch listens to every complaint and every suggestion from the community, they will make a game that the community hates even more. Obviously, if we want to keep our armor, they will get to keep their armor too. If we want to repair armor, why are we annoyed when they repair armor too? How is this a surprise to anyone? You'd think we would have thought of that before demanding these changes.

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So where do we go from here? I see people asking for even more drastic changes to armor and I'm not sure that they wouldn't come without other seemingly unforseen consequences. Be careful what you wish for.

As for the armor situation, I've been saying from day 1 that reducing the amount of damage blocked by armor would keep the better parts of the new system while reducing the TTK. Tweaking the three levels down a notch should make gunfights less frustrating between dispirate levels of armor while still allowing for looting and repairing of armor. Tweaks to the drop rate of plates and L3 are also good options. But drastic changes I think would result in more jarring shifts in the meta like the one we just got.

Let's try to look beyond out own deaths when we proclaim things OP or demand big changes. Small changes have fewer negative consequences and allow the meta to evolve gradually. This situation shows that we don't always know what's best for us. We need to remember that changes that benefit us also benefit them.

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