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The backlash to the transaction system in Black Ops 4 is good, but it won’t be enough if it stops here. #BoycottActivision.

black ops 4 4 - The backlash to the transaction system in Black Ops 4 is good, but it won’t be enough if it stops here. #BoycottActivision.

Reddit represents a tiny, tiny pocket of the full Call of Duty community. Our voices are a start, but this needs to reach far beyond Reddit with #BoycottActivision. Activision, with the backlash that this new transaction update to Black Ops 4 has received, is likely gearing up to stroke your sentimentality and enthusiasm with a reveal of their next game. Don’t fall victim to this and don’t give up the boycott. This will be a marketing technique meant to make you forget or ignore what’s happening here.

Call of Duty is being overrun by the business practices that we’re seeing, and it will continue into future Call of Duties if nothing is done about it now. This is literally illegal in other countries. Don’t let this fly anymore. Make this the tipping point.

Guess what, folks? If you didn’t play Black Ops 4 religiously before this update, you’d better hope you’re real lucky. Because the weapons you missed in the game you already paid for are now in loot crates, and with a 25% experience earn rate incentive. An absolute minimum of two hours’ play time to have the faintest chance of getting one of them, considering the fact that you can get items you already have from this already abysmally diluted loot pool.

Any new weapons from this update can and very well may be used against you in Multiplayer because others bought them first (and for an egregious amount). You’d better get cracking on that 50-hour grind, excluding lobby time, for the first of the two. Either that, or you pay up.


This is history repeating itself. It’s happened in Call of Duty installments for years, and the sheer amount of the MTXs in general has reached critical mass. Offering anything for purchase that is not purely cosmetic, like weapons or anything that affects gameplay or the experience as a whole, is unacceptable—even more so when it’s a gamble that purposefully poses the odds against you. Players should not be given an advantage over others simply for paying. This primarily encourages the younger demographic to pay for this game beyond the base price. That’s terrible in any free game, let alone a $60 AAA title like Call of Duty.

New weapons and gameplay-affecting content need to be free for everybody, and not available as a purchase. Spread the word on all social media:


Don’t let naysayers corral you into the classic “this is business” idea. You, the buyers that allow Activision to exist, have the full right to be pissed the f— off. This isn’t the game that it was advertised to be when it was released, and Activision broke promises they made after you paid and the reviews were in. They’re taking advantage of people and targeting young kids. You may choose to blindfold yourself and say “this doesn’t affect me,” but that doesn’t erase the issue. This aspect alone is what pisses me off enough to be vocal, and it should piss you off, too.

Vote with your wallets. You should refuse to play these games or spend another dollar on this franchise until these MTX models are fit for these $60 titles and you’re valued as a consumer. Micro-transactions may not be leaving, but they can’t be allowed to exist in this capacity. There’s a reason this is getting so much negative press, and there’s a reason major YouTubers are posting their opinions on this. If the rallying cry is loud enough, this will change for the better.

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