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The bad in Black Ops 4

black ops 4 4 - The bad in Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 was a very interesting game to say the least and with Modern Warfare 2019 comming soon, I wanted to tell about some issues I had and how I'd improve it.


The game was and still is unbalanced. The specialists are too obnoxious and ruin the flow of the game, streaks are not only to easy to get due to shared kills and crash, but also made the game extremely one sided and brutal to endure at times. Maps had serious spawn killing issues and many weapons to this day are either too weak or are just a pain to deal with. The worst part is the fact many of these issues come from tools players are given that make it easier by making it harder for opponents like the 9 bang or strobe light. These don't make me feel stronger but definetly weaker, and overall are just annoying.


The battle royal mode was a nice addition don't get me wrong. But the challenges I swear were the worst. Most of them required luck to find the item, luck to activate mission steps on the map or finding proper weapons, and finally the mode is filled with luck on survival making earning these things stressful and not satisfying. However I will admit I felt good getting Menendez, but boy was he stressful.



I was really excited for this, but sadly due to tier progression and loot boxes, I ended up not giving this mode as much attention as I wanted to. It was fun of course but I barely played it. Most of the maps were complete mazes and annoying to play, and the gantlet mode was just a pain in the neck to skip tiers on.

DLC Now I do like the shop and how they handled the tiers giving us a lot to grind for in exchange for free stuff. But the loot boxes are a nightmare. I do appreciate the reroll part, but the fact we only got 1 item per free case was annoying, especially when completing a really hard contract only for luck to screw you over and give you the 7th zombie blackout skin duplicate only to reroll into a face paint that just looks like a color swap of another or just moved the stripes from left to right. Weapons were pretty good to me since I only paid for 3 and got the rest for free other tha the AN94.

Why it failed.

I do not blame treyarch for this as I know Activision pulled them away from the game and rushed them into cod 2020. It ruined the amount if updates along with their quality and took what was going to be the most updated game yet into a complete mess which sucks. I both loved and hated this game and I while I play it every day, it's mostly to get more loot boxes from challenges which is pretty sad.

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