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The business model in Black Ops 4 wouldn’t even fly in a Free-To-Play game, let alone one that charges a $60 entry fee.

black ops 4 5 - The business model in Black Ops 4 wouldn't even fly in a Free-To-Play game, let alone one that charges a $60 entry fee.

Yesterday I decided to add up everything in Blackjack's shop since I accidentally backed out of a Blackout match while my squad was still alive and I was bored. Look at these numbers and your eyes will bulge.

  • Camos, Reactives and Mastercrafts: 5,500 CoD Points
  • Outfits: 5,900 CoD Points
  • Special Orders: 10,000 CoD Points
  • Current Bundles: 2,200 CoD Points
  • Altogether: 23,600 CoD Points

That's just one aspect of MTX. If this was the only problem in the game, I wouldn't even be making this thread. Let's talk about tiers shall we? Overtime, Treyarch have shortened and shortened the amount of tiers in the Contraband stream and in turn, provided less valuable items in the stream to store them in the shop and/or Reserves, which we'll cover in a minute. Let's compare some highlights from the various Contraband Streams.

  • First Strike: 200 tiers. 3 MKII's. 3 Reactive Camos. 3 Mastercrafts. 1 Blackout character.
  • Absolute Zero: 100 tiers. 2 Reactive camos. 1 Mastercraft. 2 Blackout characters. 2 stagnant camos. 4 Epic-rarity outfits. 1 Melee Weapon. 2 Guns.
  • Barbarians: 25 tiers Mini-Event. 1 Reactive Camo. 1 Epic-rarity outfit. 1 Gun.
  • Grand Heist: 100 tiers. 1 Drop Pack. 2 Reactive camos. 1 Mastercraft. 1 Blackout character. 1 stagnant camo. 3 Epic-rarity outfits. 1 Melee Weapon. 2 Guns.
  • Spectre Rising: 50 tiers. 1 Drop Pack. 2 Epic-rarity outfits. 1 Melee Weapon. 1 Gun.
  • Days of Summer: 50 tiers. 1 Drop Pack. 2 Epic-rarity outfits. 1 Gun. 1 Weapon Bribe.

Ever since Operation: Absolute Zero, the quality in the Contraband Stream has diminished, with Spectre Rising and Days of Summer providing the lowest amount of good content. Before operation four a whole, we were able to obtain at least 2 Reactive Camos, 1 Mastercraft weapon variant and a whole bunch of other goodies that wasn't just garbage filler. And now, weapons that should have been in the stream, or even have direct challenges to unlock them, are now locked behind either an insane paywall, or countless hours grinding Reserves.

Speaking of Reserves (Segway), this is still a topic that garners attention. More facts.

  • 4 Guns added behind Supply Drops with a less than 0.1% chance to earn them.
  • Weapons Charms, Camos and Death Effects diluted as thin as possible to minimize your odds.
  • 500+ items added to Reserves, with only really about 40-50 of them actually being new overall.

Let's say someone today, June 12th, 2019, bought Black Ops 4 and wanted all of the weapons to use at his disposal. With reported 1,200+ items in Supply Drops and $2 netting you three items with nothing guaranteed, he would have to put down MINIMUM, $700 (and that's assuming luck is completely on his side with zero duplicates).


On top of that, there's also the fact you can buy tiers at 100 CoD Points a piece, meaning obtaining the new weapons on day one would give the consumer a bill of anywhere between $50-$100 depending on the amount of tiers in the operations.

You cannot have these insane paywalls and spoon feed the community new content, it's just not fair for us. Nobody will ever get all the new weapons or Blackout characters at the rate this game is going. They need to eliminate some of the useless filler in Reserves by taking out Tags, Stickers and Warpaints, and shifting Weapon Charms, Death Effects and Camos to at least per class of weapon, e.g, "You just earned Afterlife for all SMG's," or "You just earned the Pyrotechnics death effect for all Snipers."

More content that's locked behind Blackjack's Shop needs to be put in the Contraband Stream, I want to use the Ninja Outfit and the Deep Voyage Spitfire and the Treasure Vault Reactive, but I'm sure as hell not forking over $30+ for it all.

Contracts are up and coming and this is, in my opinion, Treyarch's last chance to do something that benefits the people who are putting money in their pockets. Let Multiplayer fans earn their weapons, let Blackout fans earn their characters, let Zombies fans have some exciting content for once in their lives. If Contracts fail, Black Ops 4 will be a wasteland. Modern Warfare will takeover and this game will get left in the dust as one of, if not the worst game in Call of Duty history; with Treyarch's reputation as a good game developer down the toilet.

There's no reward or incentive to play this game at this point in time, when all it entitles is either emptying your wallet, grinding countless hours, or both depending on the circumstances. There's no reason 1,200 items need to be in Reserves, there's no reason to lock Blackout Characters and GUNS behind pure luck. There's no reason why some of the items in Blackjack's Shop couldn't be in the Contraband stream, other than greed. Treyarch aren't even throwing us bones at this point, just little bits of kibble.

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