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The fact people are saying we’re entitled shows how low our standards for gaming is now. (Complaints + Constructive Feedback)

black ops 4 3 - The fact people are saying we're entitled shows how low our standards for gaming is now. (Complaints + Constructive Feedback)

I'm starting off with I love this game and haven't played this much of a Call of Duty game since Black Ops 2. I love the game and am only saying this because I care for this game and the future of the franchise.

The standard we have had for Call of Duty has drastically decreased with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 being the only noticable player 2nd money 1st FPS in this day and age. This Black Ops has the least amount of original content in Black Ops history with less original maps and less weapons. The fact the complete game is $100 and has Microtransactions that are equal priced to games with free DLC is an embarassment.

I'll Lay it out for you.

  • Battlefeld V
    • $60
    • Free DLC
    • Cosmetic Microtransactions where 90% of items can be earned in game.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
    • $60 (reduced to $30 later on)
    • Free DLC
    • Cosmetic Microtransactions with only 2 items not being able to be earned.
  • Overwatch
    • $60
    • Free DLC
    • Cosmetic Loot boxes
  • Rainbow Six Siege
    • $60
    • Free DLC with an optional $30 early access pass
    • Operators earned or bought
    • Cosmetic Loot boxes
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 4
    • $60
    • $50 DLC Pass
    • Cosmetic Microtransactions with no way of earning
    • Loot boxes with Weapons
    • Tiers
    • Special Orders with some that are more expensive than a standard Battle Pass
    • Locking seasonal cosmetic items behind a paywall.

This game has less free content than most games in the industry with the least amount of value since it will be deemed worthless the next year.

The fact we are called entitled means people are okay with Treyarch/Activision locking even more content behind a paywall. They already locked seasonal items how far will they continue to go? Here's multiple things they can do to make this game more of a cashgrab. Some sound unrealistic but they just locked an event for $20 so anything is possible.

  • Making Camos like shaders in Destiny 2 so your camo can only be chosen to one weapons and you need to find it again in loot boxes.
  • Bring back weapons to loot boxes- They already are, so why won't they go the next step?
  • Make people pay for tier access- A free pass with less content and a $5-10 pass why not? It makes more money
  • Pay for the Specialists- 500 CP doesn't sound too bad, people will pay, Activision makes more money

The possibilites are endless.

"They won't do that!" They just locked a normally free event behind a paywall, anything is possible.

We are not entitled, you just lost touch with all the other games in the industry doing better than Black Ops 4

Let's go in depth with each major problem this game has and how they can fix it.

An incomplete game (5 months into the life cycle)

Pre Launch a multitude of Features were promised.

  • (beating a dead horse) Combat Records and Leaderboards– Staple COD features that define a COD game with many Stats whores everywhere.
  • Zombie Factions – Revealed at Comic Con, said to be released at Launch by Blundell, where did it go? Zombies is starving for incentives to play.
  • Weekly, Monthly Callings- Another promise by Blundell and co. meant to give (his words) Daily, Weekly, monthly, and yearly engagement. Still not to be seen.
  • Changes to the Black Ops Pass- Well, we're waiting!

Here are my "entitled choices" AKA things that should be here but aren't

  • Saving Custom Games– Was a loved feature for people who played an intense infected, Michael Myers, .5 health sniper matches, why was this removed? Literally no-one complained about it.


  • Release Leaderboards for at least the top 500k if you're too scared to show the playercount.
  • Release Combat Records, why not?
  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Summon The Zombies Content!༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • The Black Ops Pass- Look below

Black Ops Pass

  • One of the 2 games that lock content behind a pass (D2 which was also an Activision product back then)
    • It Splits the Playerbase
    • It has no longevity since pass players move onto the next COD making MP Pass maps impossible to play
    • It ruins matchmaking
    • One of the worst passes giving less content + IW pretty much was the closest pass to perfection giving daily bonuses and giving instant access to DLC weapons

How to fix it.

Follow my idea, gives Pass owners a bonus while not splitting the playerbase, It's not illegal the BOP was said to be "Subject to Change" the 1st time a pass has said that in a COD game.

jlny430evwl21 - The fact people are saying we're entitled shows how low our standards for gaming is now. (Complaints + Constructive Feedback)


The only "free content" we got was a mode, green eyed zombies, and a pretty looking blackout.

Now Blackout does look amazing and was the best part of this update not going to lie. However let's compare WW2's Shamrock & Awe to Black Ops 4's Shamrock & Awe

Black Ops 4 "FREE CONTENT" in Shamrock & Awe

  • A mode
  • A Themed Blackout
  • Green Eyed Zombies
  • An easter egg.

COD WW2 FREE CONTENT in Shamrock & Awe

  • A map (shipment) (pass gets 3 day early access WOW)
  • A mode
  • Themed HQ
  • Themed Zombies
  • Supply Drop/ Collection items
    • 2 new weapons
    • Skins
    • Weapon Variants
    • Camos
    • Weapon Charms
    • Reticles
    • Emotes

StOp BeInG eNtItLeD

Also here's what $20 is worth these days

$20 in Black Ops 2

  • A DLC pack with
    • 4 MP Maps
    • 1 Zombies map
    • A weapon (if you bought the 1st DLC pack)
  • 1 $3 Personalisation Pack with
    • A camo
    • A reticle
    • A Calling Card
  • with $2 to spare

$20 in Black Ops 4

  • 6 cosmetic items (hooray?)

How to fix it

Copy/Paste the Barbarians event. I believe this would be fair for the community. Have 3 items in Blackjack's Shop + 1 special order (will explain hwo those can improve in a second)

Also, we know something is coming due to the Playstation Shamrock and Awe ad, hopefully it means those are the tiers.

1105521336460472321 - The fact people are saying we're entitled shows how low our standards for gaming is now. (Complaints + Constructive Feedback)


We all know the problems (hopefully)

  • ALL of Blackjack's Shop's items locked behind a paywall up to the low price of 1000CP.
  • ALL Special Orders locked behind a paywall
  • Tiers… they're cool imo just the overabundance of tags.
  • Reserves- Actual Gambling with weapons in past ops in them.
  • Laboratory in Zombies- a $5 Loot Box… WTF

Before we go anywhere I need to shutdown arguements

  • "Don't Like it don't buy it!"
    • What about EARN IT in BOIII each specialist had 9 skins and helmets to earn. Furthermore the only other game that locks this much content behind a paywall are Free to Play games.
  • "Loot Boxes are optional"
    • Do you go to a casino and tell an Gambling Addict "Stop it, it's optional!"
    • Do you go to an Alcoholic and tell them "Drinking is optional! Just Stop!"
    • Do you go to a Drug Addict and say "Drugs are optional, Just Stop!"
    • Do you go to a Spending addict and say "It's only optional!"
    • Do you go to a depressed person and say "Just be happy!"
    • Right, you don't. r/thanksimcured
      • Loot boxes are a in a Psychologial level The animation gives a positive stimuli rising dopamine levels to have a person want to buy more.
      • "We know the condition may have a genetic component — and that the children of gambling addicts are at higher risk of gambling addiction themselves — but we still don't know the exact parts of the brain involved. This research identifies key brain areas, and opens avenues for targeted treatments that prevent cravings and relapse." The study, funded by the UK Medical Research Council, found that two brain areas, called the insula and nucleus accumbens, are highly active when people with gambling addiction experience cravings.
      • Again Psychological level can't be removed by saying stop.
  • "I paid $60 not spending a dime"
    • Ok cool, you're smart. However, this doesn't concern just how one feels, but how much value the game has with free content increasing the long term value.
    • BFV has 4 different modes (Campaign, MP, Combined Arms, Firestorm(late march)) with all other DLC being free increasing long term value.
    • COD has some of the least value for a game with annual releases with the game at launch being similar to its one year later product since so much is behind a paywall.
  • Just leave!
    • COD is like an abusive relationship, you love the game even if it treats you like shit, You remember for who tey once were and just want it to be like then with people buying it every year believing they can go back to the way it was back then.
    • It's the reason they went back to WW2 since the community would nostalgia trip for that.
    • It's the reason they called it BO4 since people know/love the Black Ops series for what it once was
    • It's the reason they're most likely remsatering MW2 and making MW4 because we love MW2 then knowing we'll pay for it.
  • It's cosmetic only
    • Remove the Gold/Diamond/ Dark Matter camos we can still give that argument as said with the Leaderboards/Combat Record. It doesn't affect gameplay, why should we care?

How to improve Microtransactions.

Look at the image I made below it explains everything.


I and many don't want to be a full cashgrab game.

It's possible to overmonetise and still be fair with games like Rainbow Six Siege, and For Honor proving that easily.

All I want is COD to be fair and the "entitled" arguments is telling Activision they can give less content, overmonetise the game in a unfair way, and still get away with it.

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