CoD: Black Ops 4

The game isnt toxic, we are (rant)

black ops 4 1 - The game isnt toxic, we are (rant)

I already know im gonna get downvoted for this but i simply dont care at this point. Tl;dr below.

I initially joined this sub to find out new tips and tricks from other redditors (which i have so ty to you guys) and to simply be involved with a community. I thought the occasional salt here and there was fine. I admit the game has bugs and some issues that arre not acceptable (lack of zombies support, etc?) The major issue i have however is the constant toxicity from this sub.

Many of the things people complain about can either be countered or outplayed in many ways, but people are too stubborn to adapt or switch playstyles for the 2 mins, and rather just complain about the game to the sub. Again, im restating that i am aware of bugs and glitches, thats totally viable for complaining. Im talking about people who complain for dumb shit.

Its just to the point where everyone basically is pulling a "Ninja", (if you get outplayed, just bi*ch on the game). Like i understand somethings are annoying, but some things are only annoying cus you allow it. "Sniper nest is broken, i cant play wih it up", have you even tried switching classes to shoot it down? A half clip from a titan with fmg 2 fan melt scorestreaks, but you rather just have your wildfire spitfire out and hope to god you dont get hit.


Sorry for the rant, i just saw alot of toxicity and got really pissed that people would just shit on a company thats trying to please everyone. And also, lighten up. I always find like 1-2 good posts about the game hidden away in 15 posts of people getting shit on and cant admit it.

By no means at all am i a great player, i grew up with cod console and switched to pc with bo4 so i have basic game knowledge so i would say im slightly above average. Im really enjoying the changes to the game, i just hate how the community failed to change with it

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Tl;dr: instead of complaining and shitting on treyarch to fix/remove certain things, actually try to counter it or make an effort before blindly shit- posting on reddit on how stupid the game is.

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