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The good in Black Ops 4

black ops 4 2 - The good in Black Ops 4

With Modern Warfare 2019 comming in only a matter of days, I'd like to look back at the good moments from bo4 that you guys had, while sharing some of mine.

(Before Launch) Bo4 reveal event was exciting and interesting to say the least. Battle Royal excited me a lot, the multiplayer looked like a great game to play with friends and zombies looked like a mode to occupy me for longer than any past game. I bought the digital enhanced version digitally and was hyped

Beta came for multiplayer and I loved it. The weapons felt nice, time to kill was good and the specialists were at a decent rate as they weren't forced every match but instead a fun burst to enjoy.

I broke my wrist days before blackout beta but still played it and fell in love with how it player along with the nostalgia it brought even in the trailer with woods sniping Mason sending a smile across my face. I even used the beta in a school project.

Finally came a few more trailers but the one that hit me the most was for Blood of the Dead. The remaster song of Where are we Going, the amazing choreography of their suffering and the pure misery they felt made me cry which very little trailers have done.

(Game release) I got home, played the specialist HQ which was fun. The cutscene were nice and helped me out a good bit. I mostly player multiplayer at first and I enjoyed it a lot. Despite the tick rate being a big issue.


First strike was tough as I didn't even get the GKS bundle but I got pretty close.

Absolute Zero was interesting as I liked the weapons and the disruptor was very useful.

Grand Heist was cool and I loved the Hot Pursuit mode in Blackout. Also the replace bundle was the first thing I bought since I even did my own replacer video for a technology class


Specter Rising was alright. I was happy to see specter despite him not nearly as cool as he was in bo3 but was easily forgiven for adding uncle Frank in blackout.

Days of Summer. The weapons being added did kind of suck, but I can't complain that my first free crate opened gave me a great bo3 flashback with the locus.

Apocalypse Z/Survivors This was boring for the most part but I did get a lot of weapons like the Peacekeeper which I wanted for so long.

Dark Divide The exo movements in Heavy Metal Heros was really fun and satisfying along with the VMP gave me tons of fun along with some cool costumes.

(Outside of the game.) I ended up doing a lot of things outside the game such as doing tons of bo4 based projects in school such as a game review, replacer video, blackout beta discussion, and even gaming violence. I even got myself a Ruin controller stand and action figure for my birthday and Christmas. I did end up spending a lot of money on the blackjack shop, but I had a blast with this game both on and off it.

(Conclusion) This was my first COD game I bought day 1 and it was an amazing experience. While I do plan to share what I hated, I refuse to deny that this game was a lot of fun and still is to this day. People will jump onto the hate train for good reasons, but I can't say that this game was bad since I had so much fun with it. I hold it along the other black ops games as classics for me and I'd pop it back on and play again anytime.

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