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The knife needs to be fixed. Please hear me out.

black ops 4 7 - The knife needs to be fixed. Please hear me out.

Ok guys, this is going to be a wall of text so I apologize, but there are some major issues that I and a lot of other knife users need to be addressed. I know a lot of people hate this playstyle and find it cheap and cheesy. I know a lot of people are very happy with how the knife currently functions because of its high tendency to fail completely.

I have been knifing for ten years, I have had some of the most knife kills records, I have gotten nukes knife only, I understand spawns and I know my movement in game. My main point is not to brag about anything just to provide everyone with evidence that I am not someone who picked this up and can't use the knife, I am very experienced. Sorry if I sound like that.

The knife has several glaring problems that I want to list out in hopes that it gets fixed.

The double stab, one of the worst things ever for us right now is when you kill someone with a knife, if you press your melee or primary fire button during the kill you will queue up a second stab immediately after the kill. This means you kill soneone and then side swipe again for no reason. This is almost always out of your control and has ruined my streaks, quads, and overall kd.

The hit detection, this is hard to see all the time obviously, but on far too many occasions I and many others have run into an enemy and while in melee range pressed the button to kill our target (while looking directly at them) only to be met with a side swipe animation and no kill. If you have ever knifed in Bo2 with the default knife, you know the struggle of the side swipe misses (This is why a large majority went ballistic knife in bo2, the animation was always the lunge)

Frames between the kill and the enemy being alive, this one is hard to put into words, there is an animation when you lunge with the knife that is like a pull back. So you pull back and then stab, it takes about 0.5 seconds to complete this animation. During this time you take up 80% of your enemys screen and during that time they are alive. I have died to this so many times, where the animation to kill doesn't finish and I lose the engagement. This could easily just be latency or ping, but at the same time it has ruined several good streaks for me personally.

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Unable to use the knife while using a stimshot with stimpak active, The description states that you can shoot and heal while using this equipment, but there is a very long animation where you cannot knife while healing or even 0.5 seconds AFTER using your heal. This is horrible, so not only do I stop healing if I get shot, but I cannot stab the guy shooting me for a good 2-3 seconds? Unreal honestly, making you choose to either run at someone with 50 hp or die. What I mean here is choosing to either heal after a fight or engage the remaining enemies and choosing to heal (even around corners) only to have them rush you while you stand there. Guns can shoot while stimpak is on, why can't we knife?

It takes 12 melees to barbed wire and 20 to a torque shield. Self explanitory really, far too much time just to give away our position as a class with almost zero range which uses flanking routes and advanced movements to land kills.

You cannot knife when 9banged. You can shoot, but my arm just doesn't work, making me a free-er kill than any of the above issues already compounded.

Slide knifing collision bug, if you slide into an enemy you can be launched several feet away from them, and with slide knifing already being frame perfect because there is no lunge animation in it (like in bo3, Ghosts, IW and even WW2 dolphin diving) it makes it a HORRIBLE gamble in an already buggy, glitchy designed weapon.

These are the most glaring and gamebreaking issues for me. Guys, knifing has always been so much fun for me I always had fun just queueing into FFA lobbies and winning knife only, now I can randomly lose to an rng bullet while I am in the kill animation, miss my target completely at point blank range, or just straight up lose because I decided to retreat, heal and get rushed while healing with no outs for 3 seconds. Please guys, just hear me out. These are some real issues that make this the least fun I've had, and several knifers agree, this knife is the absolute worst it has ever been.

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Thank you for reading.


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