CoD: Black Ops 4

The most annoying, deceitful, MTX filled game ever.

black ops 4 6 - The most annoying, deceitful, MTX filled game ever.

Honestly at this point BO4 is such a joke to me, all the bullshit that occurred during this games life cycle just makes me laugh. I can't believe how treyarch promised us a great game and from what we heard before it came out, it seemed like it was going to live up to the hype but it was such a disappointment. The game was going to be a new start for cod. The contraband system gave us a new way of earning in game items which felt refreshing (although it wasn't original at the time), abandoning the season pass felt like a step in the right direction (the black ops pass was even worse than a season pass), the item shop gave us the option to purchase skins and cosmetic items, etc. BO4 looked really promising so I preordered the $80 option (which I will never do again) thinking I would receive more than a gun skin and maps. I felt as though treyarch/Activision would appreciate their fans supporting them but the black ops pass turned into another disappointing aspect of a disappointing game.

The beta was the portion of BO4s life that got me excited and I didn't want it to change. The first month or two of the game being out, it was extremely enjoyable and I was a no life for that whole segment but every update after the first couple slowly began destroying the game. The addition of reserves was a huge disappointment and learning that there were literally thousands of items added with each new operation was a kick in the stomach. Once they added MK2 versions of weapons into the reserves I lost all hope for the game. That was the moment I knew they would eventually add actual DLC guns into the reserves because if you've already broken your fans' trust, you might as well just go all in. The hopelessness set in for me when every item (besides the third, because what a great deal) earned from reserves was a stupid sticker, facepaint, or generic, uninspired character outfit. The amount of these filler items made it practically impossible to obtain the MK2 weapons, reactive camos, blackout characters, and actual DLC guns. It made the game so depressing because you knew that everytime you opened a reserve it would be a shitty item or a duplicate.


Despite having such a messy MXT system, the actual gameplay was (and still is for the most part) a fun, enjoyable cod game. Of course though, there were some really aggravating parts of the multiplayer experience including the specialists who were super over powered (prophet, ajax, nomad, and zero) and made multiplayer game modes a fuckfest of low skill players using highly rewarding specialist weapons and skills. I'm still under the belief that zero should have never been introduced because her abilities are completely unfair for players who earn high score, scorestreaks. The base maps were good, 5/14 being remakes (still better than the new maps) but the maps "included" with the black ops pass were just awful. The majority being maps that are basically battlefield maps where most of the time, a TDM game can't even be finished without one team sweating. Treyarch couldn't make a single map (besides lair, which came with the final operation) that wasn't the size of the united states.

Besides over powered specialists and stupid map design, scorestreaks were also a real bitch while playing multiplayer. A UAV that requires 550 score is atrocious, an RCXD that requires 500 score is just ridiculous. The lack of streaks is also a downside in 2018, we expect to have more streaks, more valuable streaks than in BO1 (BO1 had 15 killstreaks, one of which being the blackbird), BO3 had 18 scorestreaks, and BO2 had 22. Not only did we have less scorestreaks than a game from 2012, we also got worse scorestreaks. For 1300 points, you could get a below average attack helicopter. For 1200 points, you could get a below average warthog. For 1100 points… oh wait… BO4 didn't have an advanced UAV, nevermind then. Despite being harder to earn, the scorestreaks in BO4 were highly unsatisfactory.

Now, guns… some were bad, some were good, and some were extremely, undeniably overpowered. Operator mods were a cool addition to create a class but the new customization brought along some of the most toxic, game breaking gun modifications ever. For example, pre-patch titan operator mod, flashlight SG-12 (still extremely annoying and broken), fire shotgun, double tap for the Auger, impact burst for the stingray (op on its own), dual wield saugs, etc. ect. Some attachments also made a huge difference in multiplayer matches, double high cal, double quick draw, double grip, etc. Although these all sound relatively cool and balanced, some of them made people extremely angry (for good reason).

Overall, black ops 4 was an extreme disappointment.

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