CoD: Black Ops 4

The nature and lifecycle of a COD fanboy (Long reflection & final goodbyes to Bo4.)

black ops 4 6 - The nature and lifecycle of a COD fanboy (Long reflection & final goodbyes to Bo4.)

October 5th, we’re getting close to Modern Warfare’s release date. I’ve wanted to express how I truly feel about this game, and I guess nows a good time as any.

I can sense the inevitable change happening in our community’s atmosphere. Almost as strongly as I can sense the summer weather slowly turning to fall.

The leaves will have perished by the time Christmas rolls around(much like every COD game does at the end of its lifecycle). The sliver lining is that room is made for the new leaves that will fully blossom come spring (much like COD will)

It makes sense when you think about it. The never ending cycle that is getting hyped for the next COD usually begins during the summer.

By then, the newness of the newest COD begins to wear off. Many will gradually grow a distaste for the current title for many reasons. Maybe they legit hated the game, most of us however are simply ready for something new.

Come late fall, you’re practically drooling over the thought of a new game. Many won’t have the opportunity to be satisfied or disappointed with the newest installment until Christmas. (Lol, Christmas n00bs)

By New Year’s, the old COD will be dead to many. Playing the newest game will feel like talking to someone new after being in a committed relationship for an entire year (on and off)re


Will you like that new person more than the last? Who fucking knows? All that matters at first is that it’s new & different.

Eventually, it all comes full circle in our community though.

The point where we reminisce over the previous experiences we’ve had with long forgotten COD games.

You may not have seen the game in the best light at the time. In fact, you could probably name every flaw the game had.

The strengths however, only become apparent as time moves forward & nostalgia grows stronger

If you read this much, What will you miss most about Black Op4?

Personally, Bo4 is one of, if not the most fluid COD’s I’ve ever played. The movement input just feels so good to me. It’s almost as if Treyarch couldn’t decide if they wanted to make a jet pack game or a boots on ground game, so they made both.

it’s one of the few games where good movement often beats good positiong.

The main problem is that Bo4 has had horrible servers from the jump, so this is often overshadowed. At its best though, It Almost feels as smooth as Apex Legends does (movement wise).

At its worst, someone can slide a couple frames across your screen, shot punch you, and collect your dog tag before you even ADS.

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