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The RAMPAGE Shotgun is absolutely disgusting! (in HC)

black ops 4 7 - The RAMPAGE Shotgun is absolutely disgusting! (in HC)

Me again. Mainly hardcore player. I’ve been playing like crazy since Operation Grand Heist began, so I have had plenty of time to use this shotgun in game and wanted to share my experience.

This automatic shotgun is an absolute beast in HC mode. It’s listed as an “ADS stalking shotgun” however I do not ADS with this gun at all. Ever ever ever. Hip fire only on this bad boy. It’s a good thing and a bad thing all at once that this sort of negates most of the attachments on it (no ADS = no need for QuickDraw, Grip OR Stock) but that’s leaves a lot of room for perks.

If you hop a corner pre-firing with this thing, it’s lights out. No defense. As far as I am aware in most cases you will only need to land one single pellet at any range unless somebody is using body armor or Tak-5.

I’ll list my class and why I narrowed it down to these specific choices:


Secondary: Rampage shotgun Attachments: Max Load, Hybrid Mags

Gear: Comsec

Perks: Gung Ho, Dexterity, Dead Silence, Team Link

Scorestreaks: UAV, Sentry, Mantis(or attack chopper, or strike team… whichever you are more comfortable with in this slot.).

Max Load – In most cases you are not going to need any additional damage, or rather any more than 1 pellet to hit. However, since Max Load increases the NUMBER of pellets from 6 to 8 – this not only theoretically gives you a wider spread, but quite literally has an additional ~33% chance of landing 1 of the pellets on target.

Hybrid Mags – Amazing attachment in general. This gun will spew all of its ammo before you know what happened, so imo this is the only attachment that is 100% required on this gun.

Gung Ho – Generally a staple perk for me, but more often used to break sprint and ADS faster and get that little bit extra reaction time. However this particular class is full-on run-and-gun mode. Sprint to your hearts content, hop back and forth, never stop firing, flank your opponents and just generally outmaneuver and overwhelm people.


Dexterity – I experimented with Lightweight in this slot, because what I mainly wanted to do was get behind or on the side of the enemy team and fast as possible. If lightweight gave a more impressive speed boost, then I may be torn on what to use in this slot, but what I found is that the speed bonus did not outweigh the additional reaction speed/time I was afforded while trying to climb through windows to flank enemies. You can get the drop on people with this shotgun even if the other person is literally watching the window you’re coming through, if you are using Dex. Also, the extra slide distance and speed comes in handy in clearing some extra distance between you and an enemy and dodging bullets while you get closer, since the range on the gun is not fantastic.

Dead Silence – On PC especially, everyone is using a decent headset, is fairly aware of their surroundings, and may or may not be using either acoustic sensor and/team link. My experience is that it is nearly impossible to get close enough to anyone to hit them with this gun, or to get jump on them from behind, unless you are using this perk. It’s as simple as that.

Team Link – I experimented with Ghost in this slot – which is still a great alternative since you want to be unseen and will almost always be at a sprint speed – but what I found is that without Team Link in hardcore mode, I feel so blind. Especially with a class where I am constantly moving around the perimeter of the map, if I do not have this, it is really difficult for me to accurately guess where enemies are spawning from in order to adequately flank and surprise people. If you do not get as much use out of this perk as I do, you can use Ghost instead.

Comsec – I don’t find much of the gear to be all that useful in HC, and I’m recently really big on Comsec. With this shotgun class you can easily go on killstreaks if you get the jump on a group of enemies, so even if I am not having a great game, most games I can still manage to go off on one single killstreak with this and get all the way up to my highest scorestreak.

Scorestreaks – In HC I just prefer the kind of scorestreaks where there is no potential of team killing. This is why I go for CPU controller ones like sentry or mantis, instead of thresher, lightning strike etc.

Let me know if you have fun destroying with this shotgun and/or using your my class!

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