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The reason a lot of play the game although we constantly shit on it…

black ops 4 5 - The reason a lot of play the game although we constantly shit on it...

EDIT: Title should read, " The Reason a lot of US Play the Game Although We Constantly Shit on it.

I've tried and tried to give BO4 the benefit of the doubt and just chalk it up to it being too ambitious by releasing a BR mode alongside the standard MP, but let's just face it; It's a laggy POS game that the devs either don't give a fuck about or don't know how to fix. The problem for me and many others is that it's the only game that scratches the "shoot em up" itch that we've had since the days of Goldeneye on N64. We're not fans of randomized 100 player SnD or games with no respawn modes and (to me) BF is boring these days. So, here we are. Trying to enjoy the game for what it is. We don't shit on it because we want it to fail. We shit on it because we want it to step into 2019 and follow the lead of devs, even smaller ones, that are more engaging with their community, release more updates, and make changes according to how players feel about the game and not just how your in-game data correlates those feelings.

Why? Because in-game data only tells so much. It's not always in the numbers…

  • 5 months in and we're just upon the release of a no-specialist playlist that was requested months ago. So, nearly midway through the game's cycle, you guys don't even know if a no-specialist playlist would have kept the player's that have left attention months ago or if it's too late to entice them to come back.
  • Picking a specialist is mandatory and global equipment costs a point so you can't opt out of using them without being put at a disadvantage in your class AND in the game itself. So, although we're against them, we still have to use them. I bet your data says higher KD players tend to play Seraph and Crash while lower KD players stick with Zero and Nomad. All others are somewhere along the spectrum. There is no real balance between them so higher KD players typically main specialists that require a little finesse and active involvement in gunfights while your true casuals just pick whatever and are incentivized for dogshit performance. But you're so against going against the grain that you've shunned a large portion of your players. This is the same problem WWII had before they "promoted" Condrey. But I have an entire post dedicated to that topic.
  • Guns that have been buffed or nerfed were mostly underdone (i.e the Titan nerf and GKS buff) or overdone (i.e the KN-57 buff and SG12 nerf)
  • We get new bugs every update, sometimes, without even fixing older ones
  • Sometimes, the game has to be relaunched to be booted up properly
  • The servers are still dogshit and will straight up kick you out of games at random
  • I'm not a PC player, but they've been shit on all year…again…
  • The MTX system is straight up predatory since there's no happy medium for people that can't play much or pay much such as EARNED in-game currency. You either buy it all or play all day to get to the end of the tiers. You charged $100 for the full game and then implemented a F2P model…What in the absolute FUCK? Do your consumers not matter?
  • You've released the BOP maps for free for a weekend in hopes of salvaging some of that sweet, sweet MTX money that you've been milking for years. We're not dumb. A free sample is the best marketing tool a company can offer. Which is why you charged a preorder fee for the BETA, set it's servers up properly, and then dropped the tick-rate to 20Hz without saying anything for the first few weeks after launch. Again, we're not dumb. A lot of us have been playing since the inception of the franchise or at least COD4, so we've seen it all at this point.

And since I know you guys read this stuff even though you don't reply; How does it feel to know that the devs that made this franchise what it is today, left your company, won their lawsuit against you, and have now created a F2P game that is on course to dominate your entire franchise for years to come if you don't get your shit together? I know my little $60 is only a drop in a LARGE bucket, but I won't be the only one to finally lay this series to rest if you guys don't tighten up.

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