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This Blackout update rewards aggression and it’s awesome.

black ops 4 1 - This Blackout update rewards aggression and it's awesome.

One of the reasons I came to this game from PUBG was the higher time to kill. Good job, Treyarch. My friends and I are loving this armor revamp.

Pre-patch, you would get hit twice with the SDM and your armor was gone. The next engagement, you would have to hit headshots to win the fight against that guy, and he probably had level 3 armor from avoiding combat anyway. Now, if you get poked and the enemy doesn't push you, they wasted their opportunity. Now, a level 2 v level 2 armor fight will go to the person with better aim who either just hit more of their shots, or hit some nice headshots.

This game doesn't have much of a headshot multiplier for non-snipers, so the only advantage hitting headshots had pre-patch was that it was a hit at all.. now a headshot MATTERS in a gunfight, because it's the only way to bypass their armor (without level 3). Also, headshots with snipers are now pretty much the only way to 1-shot-kill people! I couldn't stand getting chest-shotted with a paladin after losing my level 2 armor to someone I outplayed.

Grenades now matter much more as well. Now, as opposed to killing someone with 2 foot hits with the SDM as they cross, you can hit 2 foot hits with the SDM while they cross, and while they're healing behind cover, you can close the gap and hit a nice grenade to kill them while they're not expecting it. Level 3 armor is the only armor that negates explosion damage last I checked.


Lastly, on level 3 armor, now if I avoid a risky play to be pen a chest right away, and someone else gets level 3 armor right away and pushes me, killing them isn't a huge waste. Now if I kill some raid boss player with level 3 armor, I'm rewarded with that armor and I can use it to kill other players to repair my level 3 armor.

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There has been so much hate on Reddit against this new patch and I hope it's just initial panic about a big change. Before this patch it always felt like I needed to avoid all combat in order to keep my armor so I can take a proper fight in the top 5, whereas now all my wins have been due to being aggressive and getting kills for the loot I need. I love this game and I think this move is in the right direction!

TLDR This armor patch rewards players with better aim, utility plays and close-range combat. With this change, headshots now matter and good players are rewarded with better armor thus have a better chance to win. Thank you, Treyarch.

Edit: I'd like to add that level 3 armor in it's current state does take a lot of skill away from the game. I mentioned that headshots now matter because of this patch, but that's not the case with level 3 armor, and I think it should get some kind of change, perhaps nerf the helmet part, or the % damage reduction of the armor tiers, but the durability being high is the part that needs to stay IMO

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