CoD: Black Ops 4

This game is obsessed with instant gratification.

black ops 4 5 - This game is obsessed with instant gratification.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been really liking Black Ops 4 multiplayer, it’s the first COD I’ve prestiged in since the original Black Ops (15th prestige squad boys). That being said, I think this game is really held back by the fact that it’s extremely corporatized. What I mean by that is that it’s designed with the primary goal of retaining players through constant gratification rather than retaining them through a well-made, quality experience.

I’d estimate that roughly 25-40 percent of the kills in TDM games come from non-gunfight situations, where a kill was made not by somebody outgunning another, but by equipment, killstreaks, etc. Think about how many things in this game kill you:

Nomad’s dog Torque’s shield Ajax’s shield War machine Gravity slam Cluster grenade Reactor core Seeker drone (aka the Twitch drone on crack) Tempest rifle (love getting chain killed around a corner by this thing)

All of these things take the gunfighting out of the equation and basically hand players free kills, which makes score streaks even easier, since kills from them now stack to give you higher score streaks. This means there is a nonstop flow of scorestreaks, mainly hell storms, getting even more kills. This is my primary issue with the game; it’s just spoonfeeds everybody these easy and cheap kills in order to keep them happy so they keep playing the game and will hopefully spend money on micro transactions. It’s just so damn corporatized that it’s hilarious.

I honestly believe that the specialists are the major thing that hold this game back from being one of the best Call of Duty games in a while. They should at least add a mode called Classic Team Deathmatch that has no specialists and no scorestreak stacking (ie no calling in a UAV and then waiting 30 seconds for free points to get a hellstorm)

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Also, disclaimer: I’m not innocent of this stuff that I’m talking about. I’ve literally used Crash to drop a supply pack, get one or two kills, let the supply pack get me points for a UAV, then let the UAV assists get me a hellstorm, which then gets me a lightning strike. Point is, as fun as it may be to get 5-10 kills just like that with no effort, I know it’s bs and I didn’t really have an challenge in it.


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