CoD: Black Ops 4

This game needs hard counters

black ops 4 5 - This game needs hard counters

Enough of this “slightly reduce the effects of __”

Recon needs to be hard countered by ghost, having a specialist that knows where literally everyone is on objective modes is so annoying and frustrating. I always use him on Control and it’s just way too big of an advantage.

9bang and any other stunning grenade needs to be hard countered by Tac Mask. What’s the point of the perk of everything still affects you the same.

Killstreaks need to be countered by cold blooded like literally any other CoD

Acoustic sensor and tracker needs to be hard countered by dead silence.

If purifier is countered by Tac Mask then other specialists need a hard counter as well.

Seraph should be hard countered by armor, requiring 2 shots instead of 1.


Battery’s grenades need to be even weaker against flak jacket, you get left with so little health after just one there’s no point in even rocking flak jacket since battery can throw 100 grenades at a time.

Ruin should be countered by flak jacket or armor. If you get hit by his slam while using either, you should be stunned for a sec and take some damage instead of being insta killed.

Insta kills in general have no place in this CoD. This game should be more about team play, that’s why specialist equipment is free in pick 10 and why we have a long ttk.

I can’t think of anymore rn but let me know what you guys think.


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