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This got me thinking…

black ops 4 4 - This got me thinking...

Infinite Warfare: got absolutely shit on when it came out, the trailer I believe was the most disliked gaming-related video ever. However, MWR and IW had the least egregious Microtransaction system in my opinion.

WWII: It had massive hype behind it, but was somewhat of a letdown upon launch with a lot of lackluster aspects. After Michael Condrey quit the game got better, and the fucking grips stopped getting added to the game. (I haven't been on WWII in a while and I can't check because my PS4 is fried.) Compared to MWR and IW, the Microtransactions weren't as great in my opinion, because certain operations got locked after a certain amount of time but it wasn't horrible.


Black Ops 3 and 4: These are the only two games where I didn't pay much attention to the hype and stuff surrounding it, despite being hyped for it myself. But since Treyarch seemed to have mad respect from the community, there wasn't much hate as far as I could tell. Treyarch introduced the manual healing mechanic, which I love, to be honest, it's a good attempt to actually innovate in a way that doesn't TOTALLY destroy the gameplay (other than the fucking specialists). Black Ops 3 was a decent enough game, although the campaign was a fucking mess, the zombies mode was great. It's the only zombies mode I hit round 100 in. But these two games seem to have the most obnoxious and damaging Microtransaction system there is. in Black Ops 3, the weapons were locked behind supply drops completely and the chances of getting anything other than a camo, calling card, emblem, Emote et cetera were ABYSMAL. Black Ops 4's microtransaction system is a sorry attempt to copy Fortnite, and a sad desperate attempt to buffer peoples play time. Instead of basing tier progress off of how well you do in games, it's based on how long the game takes which means AFK players that ruin everything. Both BO3 and BO4 have the worst microtransactions but were rather well received by the community… At launch at least…

Read:  Over 2 months past launch, BO4's Theater Mode STILL doesn't load clips past ~7 minutes.

So this got me to thinking. Considering the hype behind MW4 and how much people are jumping ship from BO4 to the MW4 hype train, will this pattern repeat itself? Will Activision strong arm Infinity Ward to make shitty Microtransactions that the community despises or is Treyarch just specifically bad at making a good microtransaction system? Don't get me wrong, I hope these microtransactions eat shit and fuck off entirely, but if they're gonna do it anyway I hope they do it in a way that isn't totally abhorrent.

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