CoD: Black Ops 4

This is the worst supply drop system we ever had and here is why

black ops 4 2 - This is the worst supply drop system we ever had and here is why

It's IMPOSSIBLE to hoard currency

This is why a currency system was removed and replaced by the battle pass system. They don't want us to keep our currency and use it when something we want comes out, like weapons for example.

In IW, BO3, WW2 – nothing stopped you from saving up your supply drops for that moment.

This choice has been completely removed from BO4.

You are forced to grind for items that you don't want

Worthless stickers, emblems, sprays, emotes – are all frequent on black market tiers (each tier takes an hour of in-game play time)

In every prior game, you gained at least three random items from each supply drop, so there was at least a chance your one hour of grinding would give you something you want.

Not the case in Black ops 4, you will waste countless hours to not even have a chance to get something you want.

You only get ONE item from a supply drop that can still be a duplicate

From a supply drop in BO4, you will get only ONE item that is not dupe protected. Every other game you got at least three items + a bonus (points, scrap to craft and so on)


Scraping duplicates is awful

After you get three duplicate items you will get one supply drop back. And it doesn't matter what rarity that duplicate is, it will still only count as one.

In most other CODs, you would gain more for a rarer item, not the case here though.

You can't use some items you get from the supply drops

You can't use certain items if you don't have other certain items. It will literally say you need the other item to use the one you got.

This was never the case and is just mind-boggling.

There are plently more reasons, but I think that covers too many already.

TL;DR: The battle pass system was added to stop us from hoarding currency/supply drops so we can't keep them until something we want is added. Notice how a supply drop is opened automatically.


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