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Tier Listing for every weapon in Blackout

black ops 4 7 - Tier Listing for every weapon in Blackout

Im making this post to help out the Blackout community, newcomers and veterans alike just to be helpful and have some gentle discussion.

Before you shrug me off as some random Blackout pleb that knows nothing about the game I'd like to share some of my experiences with the game –
OlmGts4 - Tier Listing for every weapon in Blackout
Ive played since release and got well over 500 hours of game time, 600 wins and over 20 000 kills – I have been here since the start since the first specialist unlockable items, the SDM and ABR being OP meta, the paintcans addition etc. I would consider myself a seasoned Blackout player and I take the game serious. But here's the tier list!

S TIER (The Best guns in most situations)

  • Auger DMR: Hits like a truck before 2nd and 3rd drop off, its viewkick is much higher than its actual recoil so you can spray and most shots will go right where youre aiming. Its best used in open area gunfights as most people will just bolt for cover after being hit once or twice for 40 – 60 damage

  • Swordfish: After its buff it has very low and manageable recoil, its best paired with the default scope or a 3x as the 3x has a very narrow sightline and it only kicks upwards, making it easy to use at most ranges. Its best used at closer to mid ranges as its recoil still makes it a bit hard to use across long distance. It can easily 2 – 3 burst 200 health level 2 / 3s and can be used as a secondary to snipers instead of SMGs if you dont want to be completely regulated to short and long distance.

  • Mog12: The Mog has one of the most consistent high damage outputs in the game even without ADS, it allows you to move fast and sporadic and still hit like a truck. Its best used with mobility on the move or peeking out of cover at close range, aiming it is only really neccessary at longer ranges (for a shotgun) as its pellet damage is very high. It very easily hits for over 100 per shot but sometimes will deal between 80 and 90, 200 health targets with level 3 will be your biggest concern but as long as you play cover and move it should be easy to get a 3rd shot in.

  • KN-57: Has very easy to manage recoil, hits for a whopping 37 body damage and 40 headshot damage (without helmet), making it a 8 shot kill at 200 health level 3 / 2. It can be used with practically any sight, even the 3x and 4x if you use the recoil to your advantage (up to the right) and is the most versatile of all the weapons, it can be used for anything.

  • MP40: Hits for 30 body damage PER SHOT on level 2 / 3, its insane. It cant take attachments so if youre using it at longer SMG distances, you have to lead your shot a lot as it doesnt have fast bullet velocity. It still however deals tons of damage and has virtually no contender in the SMG department. Most of the "tryhards" will run this with an Auger or KN and be very hard to deal with, only real reliable counter is another MP40, Mog12 or just getting distance.

  • Paladin: Hits for 101 body damage across all ranges but the 3rd drop off (which are very rare) and will be an instant kill at any target that doesnt have 200 and level 3 if shot in the head. Arguably the best gun to pair with the Swordfish or MP40 as youll have all distances covered.

A TIER (Good all-around weapons that are good and consistent to use if you havent got one of the S tiers available)

  • Rampart 17: Has very easy to manage recoil and is arguably the easiest AR in the game to use, shoots very slow compared to the KN and deals the same damage so it wont beat it but has higher accuracy and is a good choice if your aim isnt the best.

  • SWAT RFT: After its nerfs to both damage and recoil its still one of the best ARs but just doesnt hold up to the KN but is a faster firing option to the Rampart if you want higher DPS, requires more skill to be accurate and useful with however.

  • SG12: An odd choice but is extremely dangerous at close range, can easily hit for 100 damage at point blank and has no real contender other than the MP40, Saug and Spitfire in terms of TTK.

  • MX9: It has the same damage as the ICR and VAPR but the same fire rate as the Maddox, making it have one of the highest DPS in the game and has very little recoil to go with it. Is very underrated but actually very good.

  • Spitfire / Saug: I put these in the same group because theyre both extremely good guns at close range but their range falls off really quickly. You could use them as options for the Mog-12 and MP40 but ultimately just arent as good in terms of utility.

  • Koschka: The Koschka deals 78 body damage and over 150 headshot damage, its much faster in handling than the Paladin and unlike the other 2 snipers it can also take quickdraw grip so is a much faster sniper that can be used at AR distance if accurate. Against people with 150 health and level 2 / 3 its always a 2 shot kill so shouldnt be overlooked.

  • Daemon 3XB / Cordite: Tons of ammo, very low recoil, decent DPS but just work in general due to their accuracy and ammo. Daemon can be used as a discount AR and can be paired with practically any other long distance gun and still be useful. Cordite has god tier hip fire accuracy with a laser sight which adds tons of potential mobility to gunfights, you never have to stand still. Theyre in the same class because theyre both pretty much the best overall subs if you want something easy but reliable to use.

  • SDM: Is much more clumsy to use and feels heavier than the Auger, but it has longer distance capability due to it hitting for 49 body shot. Its not bad as a supportive weapon but the Auger is generally the better choice.

B TIER (Guns that have situational utility or are just weaker versions of their other counterparts, most are supportive weapons and dont lead well)

  • ICR-7: It has low recoil but its viewkick is much higher than most other guns with higher zoom scopes, making it a bad choice for longer distances and it has rather low DPS for close range aswell so it really doesnt do much but serve as a placeholder. Only deals 20 body damage so will require 10 shots at level 2 / 3 armor with 200 health. Its okay but not really good.

  • VAPR XKG: Same damage as ICR but higher fire rate, its viewkick is also noticeable lower so its great for tap fire but its recoil goes downwards so if youre being shot at the damage wobble and recoil will kick in opposite directions, making it unreliable to use against other guns. Does however have a really good TTK if you hit your shots so shines at close ranges but can still be relatively useful at long range. Is however mostly just a weaker SWAT RFT.

  • Outlaw: Some of you would probably put this higher up due to its fire rate but its damage is only 73 per body (on level 2/3) and falls shorter down to 60 after first drop off (which isnt that far). Making it a 3 shot kill at 150 health level 2 / 3 at closer ranges and a 4 shot kill at 200 health level 2 / 3 afterwards). Its not bad but its not a better sniper than the Paladin, Koschka, SDM or Auger unless you have a perfect headshot aim. But as thats completely tied to your accuracy and skill and not overall gun utility I wouldnt put it higher.

  • ABR 223: Used to be the best gun in Blackout but after its nerfs just doesnt have the same DPS to put constant pressure on opponents. Only use this gun if your aim is really good as its hard to use effectively with its low aim assist and burst delay punishes you for missing trigger pulls.

  • Titan: Has the same damage as the Rampart and KN but shoots slightly faster than the Rampart, its mobility is really bad though so it basically makes you a sitting duck if youre shooting at someone, good as a supportive weapon however.

  • VKM 750: Actually not terrible but has really low mobility, uses .50 cal which is rather rare and is better used for the Paladin. No point to really use it unless its early game and people havent got armor or 200 health.

  • Strife / Mozy / RK7: They arent terrible or completely useless but their ammo capacity coupled with their fire rate and damage means youll spend more time reloading them in fights than using them and are placeholder weapons in the early game to keep you alive. They arent bad against unarmored opponents but quickly fall off against armor and trauma kits.

C TIER (Guns that just arent doing anything better than other weapons and are basically meme weapons)

  • GRAV: Its an AR that cant take attachments and therefore cant take higher zoom scopes, long barrel or quickdraw grip. Its just not relevant to use other than early game if you got nothing else as its purpose should be mid range and with an iron sight it cant really do that.

  • Hades: Deals the same damage as the ICR and VAPR but its recoil, viewkick and the way it drifts when you fire makes it extremely hard to use effectively but not worth it as its DPS is not particularly high to go with it.

  • Zweihander: Not useless in close range situations but as its an LMG that is only useful at close range it has very low mobility and hence doesnt do anything better than SMGs.

  • Essex: Deals almost no damage, cant take attachments and really has no strengths.

  • GKS: Has no recoil but also almost no damage, its reliable but just doesnt do anything better than other SMGs at close range and anything better than ARs at mid range. It is quite fun to use sometimes but it just deals no real damage unless you only get headshots, have fun using it against level 3 200 health opponents.

  • Maddox RFP: Not much to say, has a relatively high fire rate but very low damage and its recoil is hard to manage. Due to its low damage its also not really suitable for long range engagements through tap fire or spray. No point taking it over other SMGs or ARs.

  • Switchblade / Rampage: Both pretty much just inferior versions of other SMGs and Shotguns, dont really add much to the table and the boxes they spawn in's best benefit is the level 2 armor.

I hope that helped a bit! I'd love to hear inputs and discussion and hopefully my post doesnt get removed.

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