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Treyarch & Activision wont stop their business practices. It’s time we stop buying their games.

black ops 4 5 - Treyarch & Activision wont stop their business practices. It’s time we stop buying their games.

Before you ask, no. This will not be some long, drawn out exposé on Treyarch or the industry as a whole, Jason Shrier already accomplished that for us on Kotaku. You can read his article
amp - Treyarch & Activision wont stop their business practices. It’s time we stop buying their games.
This is simply my opinion on what needs to be done moving forward, now that we are aware of this information.

The time has come, and is long overdue, that we stop buying into this terrible, inhumane company’s poor excuse for a game. It’s no secret that Activision is greedy, but it’s now more clear than ever that Treyarch is in shambles as of late. When you create an idea, and manifest it into reality, when someone doesn’t like it, you don’t just panic and scrap it. That’s not the professional thing to do. Instead, they have more than enough time on their hands to continue to expand on the idea and make it better. (edit: speaking in regards to BO3 and BO4 scrapped campaign modes. sorry for lack of context.) This is NOT Activision’s fault – they are the publisher, not the developer. They are both to blame, especially now knowing how terrible the QA testers are treated. These games are built on borderline slave labor.

Let me clarify; you definitely should not feel bad that you enjoy Call of Duty, or specifically BO4 for that matter. And it’s not a bad thing for you to buy the game, so long as you enjoy it and that’s why you’re buying it, not just because of the CoD label slapped onto it. However, Activision & its subsidiaries know they will always get away with their schemes, because they always have the highest selling game every year. No matter what terrible practices they put their QA employees through, they will always get away, because they will have our money regardless, and their mission is a total success.


I for one am faithful for Modern Warfare. The development sounds as though it went by smoothly enough, and the game seems enjoyable. But with BO4’s specialists, hellish MTX, and now pay to win elements, plus this new article’s exposure, I can’t honestly play this game without feeling a little guilty for giving people money who treat other humans like slaves for the sake of their shitty business practices that continue to take advantage of people one supply drop after another.

TL;DR, I won’t have it anymore. And neither should any of us, for that matter. Otherwise, Activision will ALWAYS get away, no matter what. Quit allowing them & Treyarch to treat these QA employees like slaves, and don’t let them spread this gambling MTX filth into our beloved franchise any longer.

I have always loved Treyarch, and Black Ops. I thought I could always have faith in them, and they have disappointed us all. I almost don’t even feel guilty for the developers reading this, but if they do; know I have no ill will towards your decisions, and I still love your passion in games like BO1&BO2, hell even BO3 for that matter. But you should absolutely be aware of what damage your franchise has wrought on the industry, and more importantly, on the people working ridiculous pain-staking hours to make your game a reality.

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