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Treyarch And Activision, Why? (A black ops 4 rant with a little bit of feedback)

black ops 4 3 - Treyarch And Activision, Why? (A black ops 4 rant with a little bit of feedback)

I’ve been thinking lately and had the sad realization that the shop and micro transactions items are updated more than any of these modes. And this makes me realize how much they really care. I love the CoD franchise but after this game I’m done. And I know that B05 is going to be released in 2020 and that also says ‘hey we don’t care about this game’ I play BO4 everyday with my friends and try to enjoy myself but in the end we just have disenjoyment and go play something else.

We as a community aren’t happy with the games state. We give hundreds of feedback everyday suggesting something changes, weapon nerfs, update ideas and what do you guys do? Update the shop! Why? Why Treyarch? Are you doing this because you owe money to Activision? I don’t like it. Care about the game, not the money. Let’s talk about the modes and how we feel about it.

Blackout: I think this mode existed for the reason of being relevant with battle royales. Do I enjoy and play blackout? Yes. So why am I bringing this up? In my very bold opinion, blackout is one of the factors that caused this game to fail. Other than the shop, this is the only mode that’s frequently upgraded. And I know I’m gonna get downvoted for this, so go ahead if you didn’t already. I have played it for awhile and I feel like it’s starting to get stale. So how do we improve this? Add more maps, it would be cool to fight in literal campaign places. Or a map that’s just all zombies locations. Campaign doesn’t exist but my friend had a cool idea where they have a mode where it’s a 4 player PvE where you and your friends would deploy all the way on the opposite corners of the map constantly having to fight off zombies while looting as the circle closes in and survive until the final circle where you extract. That’s a good 20 minute game or so (armor is disabled and the only way of healing is bandages). Or just even make a nighttime game mode please. The sun can literally get me killed. Alcatraz is great. But please, Do something to add more replay ability maybe more character missions. I don’t want to spend $500 to gamble for a chance to get a character I’ll probably never play. And stop adding them in the shop.

Multiplayer: first of all. I love infected and prop hunt, only reason why I play mp. But u/TheZiomBgamer what’s wrong with MP, well to start, the maps are not fun at all other than the remade and DLC because most of them are 3 lane maps with a little bit of elevation and broken spawns. The mainstream weapons are SMG and Maddox spawn camping to get score streaks that are WAYY to overpowered. Seriously it’s more overpowered and less fun to go against than MW2 scorestraks. Like if a sniper helicopter was active on nuketown I’d be dead from A. The helicopter or B. The spawn killing players. The specialists are. Well it’s kinda dumb. Why can I have unfairly unseeable mines with an seemingly unkillable dog at the same time? Why can’t we chose one or the other? Why can’t we have an unlimited amount of specialists like in BO3? It’s fun running around with 5v5 all spectres. And why is Zero just not fun? What I mean by that is why can she take control of, (well they’re not hard earned) scorestraks why can’t she just destroy them or at least critically damage them. It’s not fun at all. Also make the infected have tac deploys because it would feel much more chaotic. In MW3 remember hiding in that burger joint on terminal while seemingly endless infected attacked you, but it just feels wave based like the actual zombies mode. Speaking of that.

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Zombies: why has my favorite mode all of the sudden become the most easiest mode in the game? Honestly you have perma jugg, and tombstone and an op specialist at the start? Why can’t you have us do a side quest to get them? The mode just feels way too stale and quest oriented instead of survival oriented. And that’s what zombies is or at least was. A wave based survival mode. I often feel discouraged to do Easter eggs because the characters always talk about doing it. And why does the game end after you complete the main quest (doesn’t apply to Classified)? It gives us a lesser of a reason to do the side quest. Gauntlets and rush are great additions but they’re easily forgettable. The maps are alright but have little to no replay ability. It would be much better choosing between multiple paths to get to the power/pack a punch/main part of the map. I love zombies but it’s getting boring. And you can’t even get tier progression which basically screws us over.

Black ops pass: unless you’re a zombies player, this whole thing is a joke. Here’s what you get for $50 USD: about 8-9 MP maps, 4 blackout characters, 5 zombies maps. Which is ok but now after 7 MONTHS of the game being out, you now get a tier boost for a week. (Also 5 supply drops which you’ll only get disappointment from).

Tier/shops: I was eh with the shop at first. And the tiers I didn’t mind because you tier up as you play (unless you play zombies then that feature is taken away) but you wanna hear something funny? I first thought that the stuff out of the tiers were exclusive and limited. Ain’t that funny. No of course it isn’t. Many people grinded so hard (or just spent $200USD) to get all the rewards and master craft variants and Hudson and them adding vacation Hudson I was alright with because you knew in grand heist if you seen a white shirt Hudson you would be in a fight with an og. But now those cool mastercraft variants, outfits, and characters you grinded so hard for, you simply get for $20.. good job Treyarch. It’s basically a middle finger to those who worked hard in the first and second operation. They’re treating a $60 game like a free to play.

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In conclusion: I didn’t bother explaining reserves, as everyone knows how stupid it is. But the only way this game is gonna do extremely well is to listen to us. The community other than just tagging you in glitch post. I’ve asked a lot of questions during this, and for my final question, Treyarch, do you care about this game and it’s community, or do you care about money?

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