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Treyarch banned me unjustly and I feel hopeless

black ops 4 1 - Treyarch banned me unjustly and I feel hopeless

Hey guys, not sure where else to go with this. I honestly feel desperate and out of options.

I've been playing Black Ops 4 since a couple of days after it came out. I haven't played any in the series since Modern Warfare 2, but was looking forward to this release since I'm not much of a solo player and I had a few friends who wanted to get into it too. Fast forward a few weeks and I've been really enjoying the time I've had with it so far.

Now this leads me to my problem.

A few days ago I try to log in to catch a few rounds with a buddy and I'm greeted with a screen that tells me I've been banned from the servers. No reason, no time limit, just a permanent ban with no notice in any degree. I was shocked. I don't cheat in game and I don't even chat to anyone at all. I just chat with my friends in my private discord channel and we mind our business. I'm completely stumped as to why I would receive a ban at all. I saw that there was a Battlefield V dev who got banned for being too good, but I don't consider myself as good as that gentlemen so I'm not sure why anyone would think I was using hacks.

I immediately submitted a ticket to Blozzard who told me I needed to talk to Activision to sort it out since they're not the developer. Fine, I sent a ticket to activision: who told me that they couldn't help me since the decision was made in studio at Treyarch. I then opened a live chat with Activision support, who told me that all decisions were final and not subject to review… Which I found ridiculous considering the case with the Battlefield dev. Nobody was giving me answers, essentially telling me to shove it. I at least would have appreciated a dialogue to understand what it is that's going on. I tweeted TreyarchPC, no response. In a last ditch attempt to get somebody to listen, I messaged TreyarchPC and ATVIassist on discord. TreyarchPC responded, and asked me if I went to ATVIassist or Blozzard support, and I told him I did but didn't get any help. I haven't gotten a response back since yesterday.

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Guys, like many of you I spent $100 on the game. Now I feel like the only option I have is to charge back, which would remove my ability to do anything else ony account with the Blizzard store. And without a doubt, this has frustrated me beyond belief. I've been unjustly banned on an account that I've had for years, I've never done anything that should warrant one. I have hours of gameplay on Black Ops that could attest to that. I'm really disappointed. If it's possible for bans to get lifted in certain circumstances, why can't my case at least get investigated?

/u/TreyarchPC and /u/ATVIassist, and the reddit communit,y, please help me understand what's going. I want to play and enjoy this game. I don't want to charge back. But what else am I supposed to do? $100 isn't a small sum especially considering that I didn't do anything wrong. And even then, Blizzard essentially black lists accounts who do so, so it wouldn't come without its own price. The position this has put me is beyond frustrating. And the worse of it all is the feeling of not being heard.

My account is Tiberius#1757. Please help me understand what's going on. Please help me get my account access back. If anyone has any questions or require any materials, please ask.

I can only hope that with the support of everyone here I have a chance of being heard.


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