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Treyarch, can you please rework merit progression in Blackout?

black ops 4 6 - Treyarch, can you please rework merit progression in Blackout?

I'd like to take some time out of complaining about the new weapons and how bad the overall Reserves system is to address something that could make the game a lot better if changed. I think Treyarch needs to make some changes to progression in Blackout that would overall make the process of Prestiging go by faster and be more in line with other modes in the game.

Currently, Blackout has 81 levels or echelons as they are called in Black Ops 4. Multiplayer and Zombies both cap at 55. As someone who plays all 3 modes somewhat equally, it's very frustrating how Blackout takes forever to level up in comparison to the others. I know it's difficult to award lots of XP in a mode where you only live once and a really good game nets you 10-15 kills. But reaching Prestige Master in Blackout feels like an impossible goal at this point, and I don't know that many people will be able to achieve it in a realistic timeframe. Let's look at my own playercard as an example.

MP: I am Prestige Master Level 59 with 7d 9h 23m 58s time played. I have 24,481 kills across 1132 games.

ZM: I am Prestige Master Level 75 with 8d 20h 58m 36s time played. I have 143,065 kills across 157 games.

BO: I am Prestige 1 Level 33 with 9d 10h 22m 5s time played. I have 2324 kills across 1670 games with 95 wins.

This sticks out like a sore thumb to me. I have over TWO DAYS more play time invested into Blackout with literally nothing to show for it compared to the other two modes. I understand the merits system is a slow burn progression, but I think it might be time to admit that it's current form isn't very fair or rewarding to the players simply because the ratio of merits available to time played does not work in anything remotely resembling similarity to the XP progression of the other two modes. Allow me to offer three solutions to this.

  1. Lower the Blackout level cap to 55 so it mirrors the other two modes. Award a character skin unlock every 10 levels instead of 20, and hold Battle Hardened until maxing out the merits in Level 55. So Ranger unlocks at 10, Frogman at 20, Airborne at 30, Seal at 40 and Battle Hardened at 55.
  2. Add multipliers to merits for players who own the Black Ops Pass, and have it increase over time as you progress through the echelons. Essentially this would be like Fortnite where players immediately get a 50% XP boost when they purchase the Battle Pass and are granted a 10% increase 7 times over the course of the season up to 120% XP boost. Additionally grant a separate XP boost when partied up with other players who own the Black Ops Pass. This can reset at the beginning of a new operation.
  3. Add weekly challenges to Blackout that award significant merits toward progression. Not to urge Treyarch to just "copy Fortnite" again, but I think one thing Fortnite does right is the challenges that contribute to their Battle Pass progression. Treyarch currently doesn't have anything like this for Blackout, and it would benefit the mode tremendously to add it.

I like playing Blackout and will continue to do so, but currently it's very frustrating how much time it takes to level up. With a new Treyarch game coming in 2020, I think it would be very beneficial to speed up Blackout progression in the interest of allowing those of us who are going to migrate to that game to do so without leaving unfinished business in Black Ops 4. u/treyarch_official and u/FoxhoundFPS if you could please pass this up the chain to Lord Vonderhaar himself, I think all of us Blackout players would really appreciate the improvements.

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