CoD: Black Ops 4

Treyarch doesnt seem like they wanna do CoD anymore, and they should be let go

black ops 4 1 - Treyarch doesnt seem like they wanna do CoD anymore, and they should be let go

They made amazing games, and I think they peaked during BO2

I was reading an interview with an ex zombies dev who said that after they made zombies, they realised they liked non realistic stuff and through that mode they could let it out

After BO2, treyarch gained a status of best CoD dev studio among the majority of the community

They let that popularity over their head so much, that they tried to make something that was more of a reboot than a sequel to the black ops franchise with BO3

The advanced movement and futuristic setting was clearly an activision decision but if you take a look at IW or ESPECIALLY AW, you’ll see a grounded futuristic game that retains the military feel of CoD, while BO3 was really overwatch/cartoony looking with little research made by devs

With the campaign everyone just wanted a Mason story especially one that tells us where he was for the 30 years he vanished, but they “fired” David Goyer as a writer and produced a very sci fi silly story in house with Jason Blundell as the lead writer, their campaign was so filled with non sense it barely felt like a cod game, they created huge fake lore, the art style was like a cartoony deus ex, it was just all over the place

The multiplayer besides advanced movement, introduced wall running, super powerful specialists with specific lore, the maps were really out there and had nothing to do with CoDs traditional scenarios, like water parks, cyberpunk medieval castles, that awful remake of outskirts, nuketown being actually a weird looking simulation inside someones cyber brain etc


Zombies abandoning sci fi and embracing fantasy elements like giant multi dimensional squid villains, magical artifacts, multiverses, dragons etc

And with BO4, all of that is even more apparent, Vonderhaar is completely out of multiplayer, all they wanna do is blackout because its new and exciting, zombie devs got tired of the old story and just decided to make a new one, and the old one is really messy rn, MP takes a really long time to get meaningful updates and when it does its just minor gun changes, a map reskin, a terrible bop map and a new gun(unlike ww2 for example that added new divisions, perks, 6 weapons per month, daily challenges, HQ remake, new modes, new maps, new free maps, new modes that added shit like jugg and stopping power back)

Also the story of the game is basically masons granddaughter has the power to resuscitate dead people and she brings everyone back to life somehow and killed her sister – aka nothing to do with cod

Point is….We all loved treyarch at some point, and they may have loved us too, but they’re clearly exausted of making cod and wanna move on, they should be let go and replaced with Raven Software who has been eager to develop a standalone CoD for decades

We need new blood on the franchise, SHG is clearly very excited about it and Raven too, dunno about IW though

Treyarch should focus on developing new IPs and zombies mode for one of the remaining devs games

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