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Treyarch is Destroying the PC Playerbase, and Console Players Are Next (PC Playlist Update)

black ops 4 5 - Treyarch is Destroying the PC Playerbase, and Console Players Are Next (PC Playlist Update)

I'm just going to jump right into this: I'm pissed. The PC community is pissed. Core players and hardcore players alike: pissed. The February 14th 'PC Playlist' update is the third worst decision Treyarch has made regarding Black Ops 4 right behind adding Zero to the game and delaying (or outright not adding at all) DLC content/in-game events. Console players shouldn't feel safe from their favorite game modes being removed, because as player counts across all platforms continue to fall, Treyarch will do the exact same thing to you.

To preface, I absolutely love this game and honestly believe the core gameplay of Black Ops 4 is one of the best in the series. I am writing this post because I honestly love hopping on some CoD and taking a load off after a long day of work/class and playing some hardcore kill confirmed or HC FFA, and it honestly pains me to see the direction Treyarch is taking this game.

You all may have seen my older post about why Zero was such a toxic addition to the game and how she hurt the overall state and perception of the title, and one of the biggest issues with her are that she restricts your freedom as a player. Oh you don't want your 1300 point Attack Chopper stolen and turned against you just because someone waited long enough to get a Specialist ability? Too bad. Now as a player, you are faced with a choice of either running the streaks you enjoy or run some arbitrary streak you don't even like just to avoid being killed by your own streaks. Player choice and player freedom are being restricted all because Treyarch didn't want you playing the game how you wanted to play it. (This was a small example, there is much, MUCH more wrong with post-patch Zero.)

Part of the glory for each and every Call of Duty game is the significant amount of player freedom and player choice. From being able to customize every aspect of your class to selecting your scorestreaks/killstreaks, you, the player, have had total control. For a while, we thought our playlists and game modes were safe, we thought we at least had control over what mode we chose to play, but now we as PC players have 4 core game modes and 2 hardcore game modes to choose from. No, I am not shitting you, Treyarch literally limited the entirety of the games structured playlists to 6 total playlists.


Now, to Treyarch's defense, I will say I do understand why Treyarch made this decision, but they implemented these changes in the worst possible manner. My main game mode is hardcore kill confirmed and a good majority of the time I am unable to find a game and simply go play something else. So as a general rule, if players cannot find a game in the mode they want to play, there's a good chance they'll just get off and play something else. It makes sense they would try to condense the playlist count so PC players can find a game easier and quicker, but why in the world would they think simply cutting out a vast majority of the playlists so abruptly wouldn't be met with a massive player exodus coupled with extensive backlash from the players that are even still playing?!

I mean come on Treyarch, as avid supporters and players of your game, you would really slap us in the face again like that? Even after we kept playing when you slapped us with the cancerous addition that Zero was and remains to this day? And to put the icing on the cake, you don't even have the decency or respect to put our most beloved game modes into a moshpit playlist?! The lack of a moshpit playlist or literally ANY ability to play our favorite game modes is the most insulting part of the update. I mean WHAT ABOUT THE HC FREE FOR ALL PLAYERS?!?! Why are we forced to only choose between HC Dom and HC TDM?!

In conclusion, this disrespect and the ever increasing restriction of player choice and freedom makes me honestly worried for the future of Call of Duty, especially Black Ops 4. I tried to remain as civilized as possible, but there towards the end I just had to articulate the anger and frustration I feel towards this update and, now, towards Treyarch. A permanent objective moshpit playlist would've been a 1,000x better solution than this. I've got to ask, Treyarch, do you even care about your playerbase? How long until you implement the exact same broken ideas to PS4 and Xbox? Are you going to ask them what game modes they want to have, unlike us PC players? Are you doing what's best for your loyal PC community or are you doing what's easiest for you as a developer?

After reading over this post, there's one message I want to deliver to Treyarch: I'm not mad anymore, just disappointed.

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