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Treyarch please implement the Bo3 daily, weekly, bribe challenge system into BO4

black ops 4 4 - Treyarch please implement the Bo3 daily, weekly, bribe challenge system into BO4

In Bo3 the challenge system consisted of daily, weekly and special bribe challenges that rewarded cryptokeys.

It would be great if this could be reintroduced in BO4 and streamlined to cater to all players with a section of daily, weekly, bribe challenges for each mode. Cryptokey rewards could be substituted by a tier skip for daily challenges, multiple tier skips or double tier xp for the rest of the week for weekly challenge; with in zombies this being nebullium plasma and double plasma rewards. For example for daily challenge, this could be, get 10 kills with an smg in multiplayer, 3 longshots in blackout, reach round 15 in zombies, for Weekly, get 10 multiplayer wins, 10 merits in blackout and survive 80 rounds in zombies.

With special lock in bribes, as well as the standard decal, calling card, taunt, outfit rewards, there could also be rewards specific to each modes bribe section, for example Hudson for 100 blackout wins, a signature weapon for 200 multiplayer wins and a unique camo for 1000 rounds survived in zombies. Bribes could be refreshed monthly and there is huge potential for creative challenges; this being perfect for bo4 with the diversity of multiplayer modes and truly making it a live service game.

Treyarch please implement this system as it would significantly enhance replayability, bring players back daily, encourage different play styles, enable the earning of exclusive items locked off by cod points and provide players incentive to try out other modes and an overall goal to work towards.

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    Dec 02, 2018 8:07 am

    I really hope they are looking out for stuff like this. The challenge reward system in black ops 3 was incredible and kept the game fresh. Bring back blackjack!

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