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Treyarch. Please stop the Greed!

black ops 4 7 - Treyarch. Please stop the Greed!

Treyarch, you keep getting worse and worse with each update. This update might just make me want to just ignore BO4 for the rest of it’s life cycle until the next CoD comes out and see if it’s any better. Btw this would be the first CoD I do that on. I have been getting all the CoD as fast as I can since BO2 (didn’t start on BO2 but first one I got during its life cycle) and enjoyed them all til BO4. I won’t lie for the most part I didn’t mind supply drops. To me WW2 supply drops were best implanted supply drops I have played with in a game using them. While, I’d rather not have them, if they are to be done please make them worth it. Treyarch your reserve cases are terrible and how you guys are monetizing this, I can’t even defend it any more. I was sort of able to defend them within the first couple months but now this game has become Call of Duty: Bank Ops 4.

Treyarch I have some ideas on how you can turn some of this hate around (btw all of this is aimed at monetization): 1. Make reserves dupe protected. Having three ways your monetizing the game (shop, tiers, cases) is ridiculous and making reserves not as anti-consumer as they are now will be better.

  1. Make gun customization either all or weapon class based (besides reactive and signature). The reserves are so diluted right now because of this and changing them to unlocking a camo is either weapon class based or unlocked for everything would be a step in the right direction for correcting mistakes.

  2. Don’t do terrible bundles like the hammer one a while back. Just don’t. I get the bundles SOME times but as much as that bundle tempted me cause I wanted the hammer I just couldn’t bring myself to get it because it’s way to expensive and not worth it.

  3. Stop adding in stickers or at least don’t put them in reserves anymore. I can’t even believe I am going to suggest this, but even a reserves case specifically for just stickers, I would want. As of a Gun reserves and a Sticker reserves that you can choose when you earn it from playing.

  4. Do something more with the Black Ops pass. I know it’s pretty much the new version of season pass but it’s hardly been worth it. A permanent x2 case earn rate, we get crates instead of cases, permanent x2 tier boost, get the new weapons instantly (like how IW did it), and/or a combination of those. Do something more with it. Give more incentives other than mediocre maps and a 4 mediocre blackout characters with little customization. There is so much with the game right now you can do to incentivize that pass to make it seem worth it but it’s just a glorified season pass that works the best for the zombie side of BO4.

  5. Maybe make tier earn rate faster. From what I recall of last operation it took around a half hour for one tier. While the 2 tier skips help (zombie daily calling and the win/merits) earn faster, once they are done I pretty much stop playing BO4 because it takes too long.

That’s all I got on ideas to improve the black market.

Why Operations worked so well in WW2 was because it offered tons of new content which consisted of cool outfits, usually 2-4 new guns, new modes, and more but unlocking items were pretty easy due to the armory and cases being extremely easy and fast to earn. BO4 operations just seem mindless monetization to milk our wallets. Treyarch it’s so bad it, it feels like something EA would do.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all Activision. Remember, as far as I last checked, they are in a few lawsuits and also lost Bungie so they are in desperate need of money so I would be surprised if they are forcing Treyarch to milk as much money to make up for their losses. Treyarch push back. Don’t let Activision do this. Video Games are great way to make money but don’t forget if the game is designed to make money it will be bad. Games should be made to have fun and earning a lot of money should be a side effect of it. Fans come first. Offending the community just means more will give up on the series.

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