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Treyarch, Why you are doing this to South American Players ?

black ops 4 4 - Treyarch, Why you are doing this to South American Players ?

So, I dont know if you guys know, but down here in South America, we CANNOT play SOLO matches, because some smart dude inside Treyarch said that South America didn't had enough players to fill a solo lobby, we might not have the same player count as North America or Europe, but we do have some NUMBERS down here, games over here aren't cheap, a Triple A game over here like CoD, BF, etc is R$250+ (U$60,00), its expensive, we paid the full price on a game that only allow us to queue with 3 random people (on consoles) that might kill you over the loot you have, plus it didnt resolved the problem that we had with latency, from 5 matches that we play, we get 2 with a good latency (25ms), the rest is above 180ms. To get things worst, when the last patch dropped, they removed the solo queue from PC, without saying anything on the patch note, they just went there and removed it, leaving only DUO and QUADS active to play, with that, all 3 main plataforms (PS4, XONE and PC) over here in South America can only play with random people, do you think that this is fair ? Treyarch and Actvi$ion is really messing up a good game already, it's sad to see what they are doing to us, they doing this they are not only "hurting" us, they are "hurting" you too, because with our high latency, if we get in a gunfight chances are that we start lagging all over the place, messing with the server, resulting in some bullshit kill/death by someone, I really wish that they get things right, all we ask is FIX THE BLACKOUT MM IN SOUTH AMERICA, because playing with random people isn't funny, and our friends might not have the game / might not be online all the time to play.

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