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Types of Call Of Duty fans

black ops 4 2 - Types of Call Of Duty fans

The hater: He doesnt care about what the change was, there will always be room to complain and he will never be happy with anything. Even tho he apparently hates the game, he still plays it. Not always, but kinda often attacks from this characters become a little too personal and stop being related to the game.

The fanboy: On the polar opposite of the hater, this fan will love anything that gets put in the game, golden nail clipper for 20 bucks? Please, i want one in all of my 4 prestige master accounts. As long as he can afford it, hell buy the ultra mega zombies supreme version of the game without thinking it twice. He doesnt accept crticism of the game and theres always an excuse to why the game is bad or the company did something wrong, also if you have anything negative to say "just dont play the game".

The dramatic hypocrite: This character is really emotional about the game, if activision messes up, theyll get almost unreassonably mad and start a tantrum, but as long as they fix what shouldnt have been broken in the first place or add something good to the game, they are worth a praise. A PRIME example of this character is the youtuber PrestigeIsKey.

The "real" fan: Sometimes mistaken for a hater, the "real" fan loves the franchise and most likely grew up with it, that doesnt take away from him being critical. Hell critcize what he thinks is wrong in hopes of activision/treyarch fixing/adding what he thinks will make the game better. In gnral he wants the game to succeed.


The dick: Nobody knows what motivates this type of fan, but most assume its jealousy, hell try to discredit EVERYTHING. If you got a really high kill gameplay, hell talk about your lack of objective play if there was or about how its not that hard even tho he probably cant do it. If you get a grinder achivement like getting dark matter or 100% challenges, he doesnt see the merit in it, you are just a nolife.

The grinder: Apparently, this character doesnt go to school/college/work, some even question if he eats or sleep as it seems all he does is play Call of Duty. The game launched a couple weeks ago and he already has dark matter, is a prestige master and and is close to 100% challenges. Surprisingly tho, no matter how many hrs he puts in the game, he is not always even above avarage.

Nostalgia fan: I think we can all agree cod games were a lot better back then, but this type of fun just wont shup about "x" weapon/map/gun. All he has to comment is related to something that used to be a feature in the past and should come back at some time. His biggest dream is to see either MW2 or BO2 remastered even tho they probably know it wont feel the same way as it did back then or activision is gonna screw it up somehow, they think this is the only way cod will succeed.

The casual: Simillar to the fanboy, but A LOT less anoying, in fact i would say they are not annoying at all. They most likely grew up playing cod, but rn they either play other games or dont have enough time to invest in cod so they just play ocationally with the bois and thats it. They are not informed of pretty much any changes until they actually play the game and notice it by themselves, they dont care about nerfs, buffs or fixes.

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