CoD: Black Ops 4

We are 2 months into Black Ops 4 and we still don’t have Combat Records OR Leaderboards.

black ops 4 6 - We are 2 months into Black Ops 4 and we still don't have Combat Records OR Leaderboards.

"As with Leaderboards, we’re planning on bringing Combat Record online in an update next week." This line right here was posted on October 13th, 2018 as part of their pos tlaunch community update. It is now December 16th, 2018 and Combat Records as well as Leaderboards are nowhere to be found. It astonishes me Treyarch just went completely silent about it, but God forbid if hundreds of cosmetics don't make their way into the game real quick. The "Stats" page isn't nearly enough information that I want and if that's this game's version of a Combat Record, goodness gracious I'll be angry. And what of Leaderboards? Where are the Global leaderboards that have been around since COD 4? If a game that was made prior to 2012 with a lot lower budget have all of these necessities, but the current ones 6 years in the future can't, then what is going on behind the scenes that is preventing anything from getting addressed?


I can design a Combat Record/Leaderboard of my own in my trial version of Photoshop faster than the devs at Treyarch apparently and I don't even know how to really use the damn thing. Don't even get me started on what should be included since that's basic as all can be, just copy and paste the Combat Record from the original Black Ops and we're done. I just want to know exactly how many kills I have with the KN-57 and Cordite; I just want to know where I rank in career in the world, is that so much to ask?

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