CoD: Black Ops 4

We won the battle but the war isn’t over

black ops 4 2 - We won the battle but the war isn't over

With the recent extreme backpedaling done by Treyarch and with their best PR response to the issue of "they made an honest mistake trying to do the best for the community" I amongst many others are happy, even though leading up to the sudden change there was many people on here telling everyone to "stop whining" or breaking out literally every excuse available to defend the shitty microtransactions being crammed in every corner of our game and even going as far as saying it wouldn't change a damn thing. Well it did which proves as long as you're persistent and loud your voice will be heard. But let's not start praising them just yet really hammer down on the issues that keep this from being an amazing game for example

*We were promised combat records akin to BO3 over 3 months ago. No word. Nothing and it's unacceptable. I can't see my gun stats in MP, Zombies, or blackout why? What logistical reason have we lost a huge part of every cod game?

*We were promised that all Blackout characters would be tied to missions or items, this was also bullshit, granted not as huge an issue still slightly obnoxious paying for characters who should be in the base game (Looking at you Ultimus Richtofen and Takeo)

*The 20hz servers are fucking horrendous. What are we over paying for if we aren't even getting good stable servers? We've all been there, blue screen, connection interrupted, all that fun jazz.

*Microtransactions don't match the price point nor the quality for a triple A title. Why do we pay $60-$110 on a game that has 90% junk filler in our content seasons and the same amount of junk filler in the reserves and shop? Stickers, face paints, calling cards, reticles? Useless they should've been tied to challenges like previous cod titles

*Black ops Pass was a shitty implementation and should be borderline illegal, yes I bought this pass, yes I find it a good deal because I want all the zombie maps regardless so I'm paying for all those maps eventually so saving money getting those maps by grabbing the prior season pass was great for me. But that's just for ME, what about the people hesitant on purchasing DLC or who normally can't afford all the map packs and like to try it out or buy the fun maps their friends recommend so they can play with them. It really alienates those players and makes it that much more difficult to access additional content. On top of that the majority of all maps we DID get were just older maps from previous CODs. Firing range, summit, and nuke town how refreshing I haven't played those maps a billion times.


*Matchmaking is atrocious. We've all been here as well. We join a game and peep the scoreboard and it's a stomp with everyone on your team newly joining or quitting so you back out and try to join a new match and bam right the fuck back in that horrible match again. Not only that but teams always seem stacked one way or another solo ques against full teams is my usual experience not a huge fan of it and skill based match making would be great.

*Factions in zombies are still not here and we're promised and teased before launch, speaking of zombies their game mode and community has been neglected more than any other game modes has so far it took them months to make this game stable enough to do Easter eggs on and yet STILL me and my high round friends are blue screening during high rounds.

*Lack of community developer communication and interaction. In this day and age it's fairly important to me at least that the people who work on our games aren't out of touch with the fans and people who play their games. Even a tiny bit goes a long way.

*Specialists. I'm on the fence with this topic personally. Some people are saying that we'd be better off without them entirely. While I can't fully agree I'd agree that a compromise should be in place meaning add a no specialist playlist, rotate game modes inside of it to keep it from growing stale and being under populated.

*No more duplicates. Yes I mentioned microtransactions and tier progression already but this is bugs the shit out of me, free to play games who PURELY make profit off of cosmetics usually don't use duplicates in their loot boxes. You're a AAA title for God sake you don't need any additional ways to increase your MTX sales.

Please keep the noise going, keep fighting to put this game in the best state it can be in. As a huge fan most of these issues are entirely unacceptable and should be dealt with accordingly as soon as possible. Alot of these issues have had since launch to get fixed and yet nothing.

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