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Weird Weapons and Winning Tactics: The Rampage:

black ops 4 4 - Weird Weapons and Winning Tactics: The Rampage:

So, we got our second non reskinned knife secondary weapon in the form of the Rampage shotgun. I ended up unlocking it earlier today on Xbox. The general concensus I have seen online is that it's an underpowered fart cannon. However, when I tested in private match it's actually stronger than it appears. So, I thought we should take a look so you can make up your own mind.

The Gun:

The Rampage is a full auto shotgun unlocked at tier 50 of the supply stream. It fires at 342 RPM and it's damage is similar to the S12. It' can 2 shot out to 2.5 meters, 3 out to 6, 4 out to around 9 meters and 5 after that. These shots to kill assume you are ADS and aiming center mass. If you are hipfiring it will often take one additional shot unless you are hitting most of your pellets. I do have the pellet damage, and generally you need to land 6 pellets or more to ensure the above shots to kill towards the ends of their respective ranges. ADS will tighten your spread by about 35% but not as much as with the MOG or S12. However, given the fire rate on the Rampage an additional shot isn't that big of a deal either. Provided you haven't emptied your magazine completely.

The other handling on the gun is pretty standard for the shotguns. We have a .25 second ADS and sprint out time. You move at 100% walk speed and 80% ADS strafe. Stock brings you to 90% and stock 2 does 100%. Quickdraw 1 and 2 are .2 and .15 ADS respectively. We have an 8 round magazine by defualt with a 1.7 second reload. Hybrid mags gets us 12 and a 1.35 second reload. It has the same raise and drop times as the MOG. So overall, the handling isn't anything all that special. Obviously the recoil is high being a full auto shogun, but I wouldn't bother with grip 1 or 2 given the spread and close range nature of the weapon.

The Build:

Running the Rampage as your primary weapon can be a frustrating affair. If you are on target it get's the job done fast at close range. But, if you miss, it's easy to dump half your mag and hit nothing. That being said despite it being stated as an ADS shotgun. It still works best as a hipfire machine.

Primary Weapon: GKS

Secondary Weapon: Rampage

Attachments: Hybrid Mags, Max Load


Perk 1: Scavenger

Perk 2: Gun-ho

Perk 3: Dead Silence, Ghost

Gear: Stim Shot

Nothing overly complicated here in terms of our setup. Overall, there are some interesting things you can do using the stocks and ADS fire. But overall, this is what works the most consistant. Sprint around the map and hipfire people to death. Gun-ho let's you hipfire while sprinting, reload while sprinting and cuts our sprint out time down to .125 seconds. Likewise, with stimshot you can heal and hipfire at the same time and you will soak up some damage bring the Rampage to bear.

As you should be sprinting at all times with this kit Ghost will keep you off the radar until you fire. By the time someone shows up to chase the little red dot you should be gone. Likewise, dead silence makes you harder to detect with sound and the acoustic sensor. The Rampage tends to chew through a lot of shells as well given the high output. So, hybrid mags brings our ammo count up to 12 and cuts down our reload to 1.4 seconds. The Max load adds 2 addtional pellets to each shot. This won't alter the ranges where you can get a kill with a specific number of shots. However, it does mean you are less likely to need the addtional shot to kill at any range. Scavenger keeps your reserve full, as the Rampage can burn through the 48 shells you spawn in with relatively quickly.

The GKS is another consession to the Rampage's fast drainging magazine. It is tied for both the tightest hipfire and fastest deploy time on the SMGS. If you bight off more than you can chew the .75 second it takes swap to the GKS is half of what it takes to reload with the hybrid mag attachment. The GKS is also a 5 shot kill out to 5 meters and 6 shots out to 37.5 meters. This gives you a good amount of finishing damage up close and let's you reach out a little further than the shotgun should you need to. Overall, it's a pretty simple class. But it's suprisingly effective on smaller maps. The shogun is definately worth considering. Also, you could simply add it to any kit with hybrid mags if you have gun-ho and it's a very competative secondary weapon.

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