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Weird Weapons and Winning Tactics: The Tigershark LMG:

black ops 4 7 - Weird Weapons and Winning Tactics: The Tigershark LMG:

So, we got this weapon on Xbox earlier last week. I pulled it out of the box in zombies my first game. After that, I knew I wanted so I started grinding multiplayer pretty hard. I put in a good 35 hours of play this week to grind through the tiers and pull it out. I thought I would take a look at the weapon let players know if it's worth the grind or your money. For some people it will be, but it's definately not for everyone. Let's take a look.

The Gun:

The Tigershark fires at 505 RPM. It's a 4 shot kill out to 50 meters and then drops off to 5. The handling is pretty typical for an LMG. 92%/37.5% move speed /(ADS) with slightly wider hipfire than the AR class. You have an ADS time of .325 seconds and .35 sprint out. Recoil is relatively low with an upward bias and a little side to side movement. Very controllable, but not quite as accurate as the ICR. The Tigershark has a 48 round magazine with a .21 second reload cancel.

Overall, the gun is a good typical midrange LMG with a moderate magazine and a faster reload. The main drawback to the Tigershark is it's close range performance. If you are preaimed then you can challenge most anything at any range. But, if you get caught sprinting you are at a tremendous disadvantage with the weapon. There is no quickdraw, so snap aiming with gun-ho won't work. Likewise, even with laser sight, the hipfire is still relatively wide. The weapon's moderate fire rate doesn't compete well if you miss a few shots from the hip. Likewise, there is not way to speed up your TTK as high caliber requires 2 head shots for a 3 shot kill. So, these problems somewhat relegate what roles the Tigershark can do well in within BO4's meta.

The Build:

I have seen several best class setups for this weapon online and on youtube. The majority of them have a major flaw I discussed above. But, I will offer two good base builds to get you started. Note, these two setups are the relatively similar. It's just a matter if you want a specialized weapon build or want to take a composite approach to the Tigershark

Build 1:

Primary Weapon: Tigershark LMG

Attachments: Threat Detector or Holographic Sight, Stock

Perk 1: Engineer

Perk 2: Skulker

Perk 3: Team Link

Open slots: 4

The Tigershark's biggest issue is it's close range handling. So, you need to mold your playstyle to accomdate that. This is a specialized midrange patroling kit well suited to the gun's strengths. You need to preaim most of your movements and only sprint when it's safe to do so. It's also a good idea to insulate yourself with some distance with this kit. This gives you a TTK advantage against most SMGs as they will have dropped off a bullet or 2 by 20 meters.

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The stock attachment allows you strafe at 68% speed while ADS. This makes preaiming easier and also allows you to dodge and left stick aim in a gun fight. Unlike the VKS and Titan, the Tigershark doesn't lose move speed while firing. The iron sights on the Tigershark are a little clunky so an optic is a good investment. The target finder offers good zoom and high lights enemies who might be blending in with the map at range. The Tigershark is very consistant and it's 48 round magazine can kill 4 to 5 oppenents without a reload. So, the 2 second reload is seldom a problem and you have pleanty of ammo for a mid streak.


Given the bad close range handling on the Tigershark gun-ho is not very useful on this kit. So, sulker let's you maintian your ADS strafe speed while crouched if you want to advance below where an opponent will typically aim. Engineer and Teamlink are both good at predicting enemy placement and movement. Generally this kit expects you to not be sprinting and distanced from your opponent. So, dead silence really isn't needed.

Rounding it out:

You have 4 open slots with this kit. So, if you cannot play without something I have ommitted here. There is pleanty of room to add it. Likewise, you have your choice of gear or additional attachments for the Tigershark. Anything but silencer or high caliber offer a tangible improvements to the weapon. Alternatively, you could add 2 more perks or even another weapon to the class. It comes down to what makes it comfortable for you. Just remember to keep your distance and tone down your agression slightly with this kit. It works very well, you just need some patience.

Build 2:

Primary Weapon: Switchblade SMG

Attachments: Rapid Fire

Secondary Weapon: Tigershark LMG

Attachments: Threat Detector or Holographic Sight, Stock

Wild Card: Overkill

Perk 1: Flak Jacket

Perk 2: Dexterity

Perk 3: Team Link

Open Slots: 1

This is a composite setup with the Tigershark. You play it the same way as build 1 when it comes to that half of the kit. Keep your distance and preaim with the stock. Since we cannot make the Tigershark more suited to agressive play, we'll just use a second gun. The Switchblade has a .21 second ADS and sprintout time. Likewise, it moves at 102% of the base speed and has a swap time similar to a pistol. With rapid fire it has the same RPM as the Saug 9mm and better damage at most ranges. It gives you a weapon that you can be more agressive with and move around the map with less worry about getting caught not preaimed.

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Composite builds rely on you having the right gun in your hands at the right time. Dexterity helps with this cutting your swap time down significantly. Likewise, being more agressive with the Switchblade means you are more likely to stumle into a nasty surprise. Flakjacket is a good counter to a lot of problems and suits us well as a first tier perk. Again, this kit is still build around the Tigershark as our primary weapon. However, having the Switchblade in our first slot means we spawn in with it's faster move speed and don't have to do a weapon swap to cover open ground.

Between the 2 guns you have pleanty of ammo and you can swap to the alternate one faster than you can reload either of them. You could change out dexterity for gun-ho. But, this will slow down your adaptability. Finally, we have one open slot with this kit that can be spent your choice of gear or another attachment for either weapon.

If you don't have the Switchblade or don't care for it there are several other options. The Spitfire with laser sight is quite nasty up close. There is also the Mozu with high caliber and the speed loader. You could opt for the RK7 with both extended mags attachments or one of the shotguns. Using a secondary opens up an extra attachment slot because you don't need overkill, but they are still less effective than a primary. You don't need your alternate weapon to compete past 15 meters as that is what the Tigershark brings to the build.

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