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Welcome to Black Ops 4! Here are a few PC multiplayer tips for new players.

black ops 4 2 - Welcome to Black Ops 4! Here are a few PC multiplayer tips for new players.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

To anyone who is new to the community, welcome aboard and stay awhile! Here are a few tips to help ease you into BO4's PC multiplayer.

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask here. Also a COD Discord server exists. Most people are happy to help.



  • Black Ops 4 uses the same hipfire sensitivity values as other games, including Destiny 2 and Overwatch.
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity is completely personal preference, but some players will recommend Legacy or Relative 1.78.
  • Make sure you've glossed over Auto Mantle, Sprint Cancels Reload, Weapon Switch, etc.
  • Be prepared to slide fairly often. There is an option to give Slide its own specific keybind.
  • Setting the Audio Preset to either High Boost (or Supercrunch) will amplify the sound of footsteps.


  • In Core, players have 150 health. In Hardcore, players have 28 health.
  • TTK in BO4 is slightly longer, compared to older games, such as MW2. For most guns, headshots only deal 1.1x damage, and are not worth going for unless HighCaliber is attached or other specific cases. Keep in mind, however, that headshot final blows are required to progress most weapon camos.
  • Play within sliding distance of nearby cover.
  • Remember to manually heal. You do not heal automatically.
  • Close range encounters will always happen. The maps' relatively small sizes make this inevitable.
  • Several ways to cancel a reload include switching weapons, sprinting (if setting is enabled), and meleeing. Learning to consistently cancel a reload will save your life.
  • When you prime equipment, such as a grenade, you can put it away before using it.
  • If you throw a grenade just as you die, the grenade may disappear completely while consuming the cooldown.
  • Spawn Flipping occurs very often, depending on the gamemode. Simply put, if you push into the enemy spawn, they will start spawning on the opposite end of the map.
  • Bare fists deal ~80 damage, a weapon melee deals 145 damage, and a weapon melee to the back is an instakill. A common tactic in cqc is to land at least a single bullet before meleeing, which will quickly kill your standard full health enemy.
  • Most scorestreaks can be shot down. Hellion Salvo is a very easy and accessible secondary for this task. Paladin/Titan with FMJ1+2 are also very potent at taking down scorestreaks, and can even melt Strike Team copters before the soldiers drop down. Other options include Seraph's Annihilator and Prophet's Tempest, along with Battery's War Machine for grounded streaks. Strike Team soldiers can be quickly eliminated using the combat axe and Skullsplitter Mozu, among other weapons.

What are the Best Perks in the Game?

  • Perk 1:
    • Engineer reveals equipment through walls. As an added bonus, you can also reroll care packages by double-tapping interact or booby trap enemy packages whilst stealing them. If you don't have time to steal an enemy care package, you can still try to reroll what they have into something worse.
    • Scavenger is useful for ammo hungry builds or maintaining long kill streaks. An alternative is to run Crash for his Assault Pack or resort to picking up other players' guns.
    • Tactical Mask does not fully negate the effects of equipment like Seekers or 9bangs, but can save your life now and then. Not used very often, but can be a decent throwaway buy in Heist for the Acoustic Sensor and also due to Seeker/9bang spam.
  • Perk 2:
    • Most players run either Gungho or Dexterity.
    • Perk 2 can be safely foregone for an additional class point, if needed.
  • Perk 3:
    • Dead Silence is incredibly useful – quieter footsteps also makes it easier to hear nearby sounds.
    • Teamlink is decent for building game sense, and is a must-have in Hardcore.

What is the Best Gear and Equipment?

Generally use either Stimshot or Acoustic Sensor. One allows you to heal faster, more often, and maintain hipfire, while the other amplifies the sound of enemy footsteps and displays a slice on your minimap in the general direction of enemy movement. This comes completely down to personal preference as both are very useful crutches – most players will swear by one or the other.

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Comsec and Equipment Charge are not bad options. Don't run Body Armor in Core – it doesn't regenerate, and typically only lasts one engagement.

In terms of equipment, the default Specialist Equipment is more useful (and free) than the alternative Equipment options (which cost a class point).

What are the Best Guns?

On PC, almost every gun is viable, provided you have the right attachments and play to their strengths. It is heavily recommended that you experiment with different guns/attachments to see what works best.

Some great weapons include the Rampart, KN57, Vapr, Maddox, Spitfire, Cordite, Saug, Auger, Swordfish, MOG12, SG12, Paladin, SDM, Koshka etc etc … you get the point (just try every gun).

Also use the RK7. If you want to get some early camo progress, now more than ever is probably the best time to get the RK7 to gold.

Great that tells me absolutely nothing. Which guns are used the most?

SMGs = Assault Rifles > LMGs > Sniper Rifles > Tactical Rifles > Launchers > Shotguns > Pistols > Knife. This is very very roughly speaking with high variance across multiple games.

  • Assault Rifles: The Rampart and Maddox seem to be the most common, with the other ARs following very closely behind.
  • SMGs: Spitfire, Saug, and Cordite. The MX9 and GKS function more like AR/SMG hybrids, and tend not to be used nearly as often.
  • Tactical Rifles: The Auger is the most common. I don't usually see anyone use the ABR or Swordfish outside of camo farming, but these weapons will shred if you land your shots.
  • LMGs: The Crossbar Hades and Titan are used most often. VKM also shows up here and there.
  • Sniper Rifles: The Paladin is the most common. The Koshka has also found favor with more players since its buff, and is a preferential alternative to the Paladin. The SDM functions like a DMR headshot machine with HighCal and is therefore seen every now and then. The Outlaw is rarely seen outside of camo farming, but has just as much potential as the other snipers in the right hands.
  • Pistols: The Strife is everywhere in Hardcore but rarely seen in most Core modes. The Mozu isn't seen very often, but every once in a while someone will bring a Skullsplitter Mozu to the firefight and start deleting other people from the lobby. No one loves the RK7.
  • Shotguns: Pre-nerf MOG12 was almost as strong as pre-nerf dual Saugs. Post-nerf MOG12 is rarely seen, but can and will dominate cqc fights due to its OHK potential with Barrel Choke. SG12 is significantly more common – reliable two-tap and is more forgiving, while beating out TTK of most SMGs.
  • Launchers: Very commonly seen due to its versatility. If you don't know what to put in your secondary slot, just run the Hellion Salvo there – no attachments required. There is usually at least one on every team, if not more.
  • Knife: I maybe see someone knifing in 1 out of >5 games. Nearly everyone I've seen using a knife was going for Dark Matter, save for one specific case. It demands a very different playstyle from the standard run and gun, but can be very fun to pull off.

What about Hardcore?: Strife followed by ICR and Long Barrel GKS followed by everything else. Every gun works in HC, so again this is highly variable, especially since many players use HC to farm their weapon camos.


Ajax: 9Bang can be primed for 3/6/9 detonations and up to an additional second of stun time. When stunned, you are limited to hipfire/walking – either fire in the direction you think enemies are coming and/or do your best to strafe into cover whilst blinded. | When using Ballistic Shield, explosive damage will partially transfer through the shield – watch out for Hellion Salvos, which can oneshot you on direct impact (also Battery in general).

Crash: Picking up his assault pack grants full ammo and bonus score on every kill/assist. You can pick up his pack from a distance away and do not necessarily have to be facing it. | Tak5 boosts every living friendly to max health + 50 (so 200 total health in Core) and will also remove burn effects. You can heal back up to 200, provided you do not drop below 150 health.

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Firebreak: Reactor Core works through walls and ceilings. Enemies who aren't killed outright will not be able to heal for a significant amount of time.

Nomad: Even if you aren't running Engineer, the Mesh Mines will still emit a faint red laser. Shoot them out, avoid them altogether, or let some teammate walk through and set them off. | The K9 Unit can be brutally shot to death.

Prophet: If you are stunned by the Seeker, press Interact immediately to free yourself – you will remain rooted temporarily during the freeing animation. You can only hipfire while stunned. The Seeker can be shot and destroyed, which will also free stunned teammates. | Prophet's Tempest fires log-sized projectiles that arc from one stunned player to another. Don't stand too close to an electrified teammate, and preferably do not crawl towards your own teammates if you are electrified.

Seraph: TacDeploy gives your entire team a temporary alternative spawn point. This is very useful in objective modes or for breaking out of a spawn trap. Enemies can interact with the TacDeploy to destroy it.

Torque: In some cases you can actually jump over an enemy Razor Wire, depending on its placement. Razor Wire is destroyed by Hellions, Clusters, EMPs, gunfire, etc. | Barricade emits a forward-facing damage field; most of the time, a good Barricade is placed at an angle to block off chokepoints, instead of being used as cover. A Barricade takes two Hellion rockets to destroy.

Zero: When using IcePick, a symbol will appear above Zero's head, broadcasting her location to the enemy team. Before using IcePick either hide or have teammates protect the nearby area.

Unlisted Specialists: Battery, Recon, Ruin. Mechanic-wise, these specialists are fairly straightforward.

Other Miscellaneous Notes:

Once you've fully leveled up (max 55), you can prestige your multiplayer account. There will be an option in the upper right of the screen. DO NOT FRESH START unless you want a mediocre emblem and a complete reset to your multiplayer progress.

When you prestige, your level is set back to one and all corresponding items are relocked again. However, weapons retain their level and are prestiged separately, so your level 10 Saug will still be level 10 when you unlock it again. On your first prestige, you will also unlock a whole new set of challenges/emblems to go for. Previous challenge progress is retained.

It takes about an hour of gameplay to progress one Black Market Tier. Look out for 2x tier events and take advantage of the daily tier skip to unlock items before the season ends.

Black Market Reserve boxes are granted at Tier 101 and beyond. These will grant a random item from the reserve loot list, such as the SG12 Killcano skin. Unfortunately, duplicates are possible – on your third duplicate you will automatically receive an unowned reserves item.

That's all from me for now! Hope this helps at least a little bit. Have fun. Don't die.

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