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What’s really changed with the Oct 30th patch:

black ops 4 4 - What's really changed with the Oct 30th patch:

There is a lot of details in the patch notes about this huge balancing patch. I spent a little over an hour testing a lot of stuff and I thought I would share what really changed. I know some players would like to know how things have worked out and the exact numbers. Let's take a look. Note, this topic is focus primarily on the weapons.


Sights: All the zoomed sights have received between a 10 and 15% reduction in visual recoil that normally comes from being more zoomed in. The Elo sight has picked up about a 5 to 10% increase in visual recoil.

Silencer: The penalty for stealth has gone up. The old range loss was about 10%. It's now 15 to 20% based on the weapon. So, using long barrel and silencer in combination is now more recommended if they are both available on the gun

Pistols: The ADS time on pistols has been lengthened from .125 seconds to .15 seconds so basically they ADS one frame slower. Not really noticeable.

ARs: The ADS time on ARs has been increased to .3 seconds on all of them from the .27 they used to be. Also the ADS strafe speed has been changed from 45% down to 40%. The same reduction applies to any rifle with a stock. 77% has been reduced down to 72%.

Specific weapons:

ICR: The ICR now needs 3 head shots for a 4 shot kill. It's reload speed has been slowed by .25 seconds.

Vapr-XKG: The weapon's 5 shot kill range has been reduced from 37 meters to 30. It has taken the same headshot nerf as the ICR needing 3 headshots to get a 4 shot kill up close without high caliber. With high caliber it will now only be able to get a 4 shot kill with a head shot regardless of the number of headshots you land.


MX9: All the ranges on the weapon have been increased by about 10%. However, it cannot get a 4 shot kill with high caliber regardless of the number of head shots.

Cordite: Again we have a 10% range boost to all ranges. The operator mod can fire for about another 15 rounds before it overheats now.

GKS: The operator mods burst delay has been lengthened from .125 seconds to .15 seconds. It's not that huge of deal, but it makes it less spammable up close reinforcing it's role as a mid to long range SMG. Also, the new silencer penalty means you may want to reconsider using it as a stealth weapon without the operator mod.

Saug 9mm: The hipfire is about 15% wider than it was before the nerf with dual wield. It's still a beast inside of 10 meters, but beyond that the weapon becomes noticeably more difficult to use.

Tactical Rifles:


ABR: The 4 shot kill range has been boosted from 37 out to 50 meters. This means long barrel is no longer a necessary attachment. The Operator mod now takes 2 more bursts to reach it's maximum fire rate. The stock attachment bonus has been reduced by another 5% off the total movement ADS speed.

Sword Fish: The high caliber attachment had it's multiplier reduced. You can no longer get a 3 shot kill with 3 head shots. The operator mod now only gives you 5 extra rounds instead of 10.


The RK7 had it's burst delay lengthened from .1 seconds to .125 seconds. Not all that noticeable.


Titan: The titan can no longer get a 3 shot kill with 3 head shots. It's ADS speed with the stock was reduced from 72% down to 65% and 45% while firing. The hipfire spread was widened by 10%. Overall it got a pretty heavy handling nerf.

Hades: The guns now moves 5% slower and has a 20% wider hipfire spread with the operator mod if you don't ADS. The effectiveness of the grip is noticeably more apparent in reducing the gun's recoil

VKM70: The weapon's ADS move speed while firing is now 28% as opposed to 40% before the nerf. The damage has been reduced slightly. It will still 3 shot at any range or 2 shot with high caliber and high caliber 2. However, both shots need to hit the vulnerable area and they won't be enough damage to bypass armor or any form of cover. The fat barrel fires a slightly smaller projectile now as well.


The Mog: The one hit kill range if all pellets hit with the choked barrel has been reduced from 14 meters to 10 meters.

Sniper Rifles:

Paladin: The gun had it's lower torso modifier cut down. The weapon won't one hit kill someone there if they are boosted or have armor even with the high caliber attachment.

Outlaw: The weapon had it's movement speed increased by 5%, this buff carries over to the stock as well. It also has a higher base damage and less idle sway.

Koshka: The gun has less idle sway, a higher base damage and 5% faster movement speed while ADS with the stock. It can now get through armor on the upper chest without FMJ.

SDM: Less idle sway and 12 rounds instead of 10 in the magazine.

The rest is pretty self explanatory. If you have specific questions about the actual damage values go into a private game and start shooting someone in split screen. If I missed anything here or made a mistake please post a reply so that we have an accurate set of notes. I am human and this is all hand tested. I am sure I probably screwed up somewhere along the way.


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