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What’s wrong with this community?

black ops 4 7 - What's wrong with this community?

Let me just start with this. This game has no campaign. The entire excuse behind it was that it was going to be the "best multiplayer Call of Duty experience" we've ever had, the most diverse and content filled game in the series. We ended up with one of the lowest weapon counts, one of the lowest original map counts, some of the worse post game release content support, and some of the shittiest multiplayer support we've ever had in a Call of Duty game.

Everyone eventually complains about reserves being too slow to earn, so they fix reserves and everyone earns them twice as fast, allowing people to get the DLC weapons, MKII weapons and camos they may have missed in previous operations. Everyone's ecstatic. Then they fuck up reserves again by reverting the changes they did to fix them (reactive camos apply to all weapons), and add 1000 more items nobody gives a shit about to dilute the stuff actually worth buying/grinding for.

The "dedicated zombies team" shafts the entire zombies community by constantly delaying content, not creating a separate tier system for zombies players, and then they put zombies skins in reserve cases (that you can't even get by playing zombies) to further dilute the multiplayer loot pool, cause fuck zombies fans they don't need anything we told them we had at launch right?

This also extends to Blackout. Why do we earn BLACKOUT skins in MULTIPLAYER reserves? Yes I understand that they tied them together but it makes no sense for people that specifically play one or the other to be getting content for modes they don't give a shit about. If I'm playing zombies, I want zombies content. If I'm playing blackout, I want blackout content. Not that hard to understand.

Then the battle pass system ends up going further to shit by locking ranged weapons behind tier 50/100, but hey at least there's mastercrafts, decent skins, some cool camos to reward you for your fucking time spent playing the game (all of this should be in the game by default through earnable challenges like they did with BO3 regardless). Oh but wait..

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Then they give us 50 tiers this operation and give the excuse that they're doing 50 at a time to supply better content, they need more time, and they want to keep people playing. What did we get this operation? 70% of the stream at LEAST is common stickers and rare calling cards. There's one ranged weapon, and a fucking club. To further emphasize the kick to the balls they put the content everyone was excited about (weapon charms, death effects, camos, mastercrafts) into reserves and the blackjack shop instead of putting them in the battle pass. So now we have an even LESS chance of getting what we want and they want us to play more because they're supposedly supplying us better content to do so.

Everyone always has the same argument, how we never complained about micro transactions before and how we shouldn't because it's "just cosmetic". First of all, it's not just cosmetic. Second of all, we never HAD to before even when it was just cosmetic. The reason it's an issue now is because BO4 launched with 60% of the content other games in the series launched with, and then proceeded to lock the other 40% behind paywalls, season passes, RNG loot boxes and an excessive amount of grinding to make it seem like they're supporting the game and doing us a favor. I'll never understand people on reddit posts defending this practice and telling people that it's not a big deal. Remember what happened when we let the shit go last time? BO3 had some of the best guns in the game locked behind pure RNG supply drops and it's going to fucking happen again if you don't get your head out of your ass. This isn't a free to play game and we shouldn't treat it like one.

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