CoD: Black Ops 4

Why do people hate the VMP?


Ever since I got this game I've been frustrated with multiplayer because of the TTK. People just run away, heal up, and hop to kill you. Ever since I got the VMP I have not stopped using it. It's the only gun in the game that makes playing feel NORMAL. As someone who loved and played Black Ops 2 every day, I had a lot of hope for Black Ops 4. But then they introduced the stim shot and 150 health and it's just frustrating to play.

My main thing is, the VMP is good, which is why I love it. It's a good fucking gun and I appreciate that. But it's not the end all be all. I consider myself somewhat of a tryhard and I do great with the VMP, but any decent player can make a weapon great and compete against me. The MOG 12, the Saug, the Cordite, the Micro SMG. I have been consistently killed by these type of guns even while running VMP and trying my best. No, it is not a fucking magical point and kill gun, and you will not be ten times better after using it. But it does help a lot because of it's versatility. It all just depends on how you work the map. Timing and map awareness. You can still get your shit twisted at mid-long range with an AR, and ESPECIALLY with an LMG. The VMP is not just some brutally unstoppable force of nature. That would be the Scar-H IF they added stock 😂 then I could just run my BO2 setup and clown you all.


I am playing in a way meant to mitigate you, and allow myself as many kills as possible while giving you as few kills as possible. Fuck you if you don't like what gun I run, or the way I play. I'm not trying to play in a way that is convenient for you, or makes you happy. I could give less of a fuck when someone is clowning me with the crossbow, or even clapping me with A FUCKING PISTOL. I will just figure it out, because that's what the fuck we do. We encounter problems, and we're allowed to complain a little, but inevitably we have to get over it and figure shit out. Change your play style. Camp. Stay at long distances. Hard aim. Bunny hop and slide. Whatever you've gotta do, if there's a will there's a way. The gun is only as strong as the player

There is no gun that just breaks everything, unless they bring the fucking Kraken to multiplayer 😂

Here's the deal. If you're going against a pro, they're probably going to clap you regardless of what gun they're using. If you're going against a noob that's running a VMP and you can't outmatch them, then the problem is you. Get better at the game. Always have a UAV up. Run Dead Silence. Don't sprint for more than five seconds without aiming down sight an equal five seconds. Expect the unexpected and you'll be fine.

The complaints I hear against the VMP like it's this unholy wrath…it's childish as fuck.

I'll take my downvotes now 😶 but I'll take them with my VMP on my back 😉

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