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Why is everything about this game so flawed and sloppy?(PS4)

black ops 4 7 - Why is everything about this game so flawed and sloppy?(PS4)

I know, Treyarch is a pack of money-hungry goons. Agree and move on. But there are tons of other things that are consistently maddening about it on PS4.

-It absolutely crushes PS4 and PS4 Pro, to the point where I'm unsure as to why Playstation would allow it to happen. Playstation is famously very strict about how games effect the system.

-8 plus months into its release, there's still an issue with getting other players to join your party. It's preposterous. Breaking up the party and going to the main screen and re-inviting doesn't work anymore. Now—if a player launches the game after you and your party–everyone in the party or at least most will have to restart the game to be able to invite set player. This happens on a daily basis.

-The blue screen still exists and when you get it, it essentially briefly locks your PS4. You cannot click any buttons or do anything at all until the game allows your PS4 to regain functionality.

-If I have the map pack, why should I have to download each map as it comes out? Why isn't it automatic. Literally every other game is aware of the content you've purchased. Why should I have to go to the store to download it myself?

-When you unlock a new character in Blackout, often you'll have to go back to the main screen or relaunch the game to have the character be selectable. Again, sloppy and awful.


-Voice chat is terrible. This is 2019, why does the voice chat cut out completely while the maps load? This does not happen in any other modern AAA game. I should not have to start a party to have voice chat go uninterrupted.

-When an update is downloaded, you need 140 gigs free to download an install it. Again, this doesn't happen with any other game and I'm at a loss as to why PS4 would allow it to happen.

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-Clicking between modes(multiplayer, zombies, blackout) can sometimes take as much as 20-30 seconds. I've had it sit there for a minute and flip the little logo around. I have gig internet with a direct connection. Why does this happen?

Just the ones I can think of now, but I'm not sure why this stuff is STILL happening. Few other games would get away with this kind of sloppiness. I tried to keep it mostly PS4 specific, didn't mention stuff like…

-Glitches go unfixed for long periods of time, the UI is still terrible, they haven't lived up to promises they've made, etc.

Oh yeah and they are money hungry goons and the loot is atrocious to begin with.

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