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World League Play Ranks Are Clearly Bogus – League Play [True] World Rank Is Needed Badly!

black ops 4 7 - World League Play Ranks Are Clearly Bogus - League Play [True] World Rank Is Needed Badly!

League Play does not represent true world ranks at all! It isn't even a close representation of a player's true world rank. Let me explain.

I have been playing league play since it was added to the game. So I have some experience in the goods and the all too many bads of this game mode. Let's start with the league ranks and how inaccurate they truly are, shall we?

First, the league events are not timed to gem rewards. What I mean is that a winner of an event gets 5 gems and ranked up no matter what time he starts on his ladder just as long as he wins. In other words, if Player (A) starts into an event as soon as it starts he usually will be grinding for 3-7 days against other players who also started right away. The hours of game time needed to win the event will be many. But at the end of a long week of grinding and countless games later you finally finish the event with 15,000 ladder points. You win first place. Great, you get rewarded 5 gems and rank up!

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7 Days Of Grinding!

However, during that same event, Player (B) waited all week and just played multiplayer. Until 12 hours before the event ended. Then player (B) joins the event. He grinds for 5 hours against a large number of players that are trying the league thing for the first time or played one game and decided they didn't like league play. He finishes the event with 1650 ladder points, wins first place on his ladder and he also gets 5 gems.

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Both players are now seen as equals in the CWL World league Hub. They have the same rank and gem total. This is because there is no world ranking ladder or board.

3ftnjwuvnmu21 - World League Play Ranks Are Clearly Bogus - League Play [True] World Rank Is Needed Badly!

Both player (A) and Player (B) are considered equals in rank!

This type of ranking system is just not fair and most importantly completely inaccurate. It's bogus.

The only real way to give accurate positions on a World League Ladder is by tallying up total points earned in all events played and then position players by results after each event.

Just as an example in the aforementioned scenario of Player (A) vs Player (B) it would be obvious that Player (A) with 15,000 pts would rank a lot higher up on a TRUE World League Ladder. While player (B) with 1650 pts would rank at the bottom.

If League Play were done accurately it would also degrade Gem rewards based on the time you enter your ladder during an event. For example, If a player enters into an event on day one then 5 Gems are up for grabs. If a player enters on day two then 4 gems go to the winner of that ladder. If a player enters the event on day 3 then 3 gems go to the winner of that ladder….and so on.

So 5 Gems could only be won by players that entered the event within the first 24 hours of the events start time.


A true World League leaders board would show the players positions based on their total number of points earned from all events they have played in. This would prevent those who join events on the last day to play five hours from being recognized the same as those players who grind for ladder position a week.

REMEMBER THAT RANK IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH SKILL LEVEL OR SKILL DIVISIONS. So in case, there are people that would suggest that they don't have the time to invest so many hours, and should not be punished by getting fewer gems when starting late just let me remind you that you're not being punished. You are getting the correct amount of gems for the performance you gave in the amount of time you had to play in an event. Period. There are events every single week that you can choose to enter on day one. Day two means you can only win 4 Gems and so on.

Your Skill division has zero to do with your rank. You will still be rewarded with the correct skill division regardless of your rank. This fix would be just to correctly award Gems and Ranking based on points in the actual amount of time played during the entire event.

So to close on this topic there should be a TRUE WORLD LEAGUE LEADERS BOARD that clearly shows the total of all points earned in all events. Without this feature, there will always be questions about where players really rank. Because as of now, you have players with only 35 hours invested in 7 different events of league play that are already Diamond class by starting the events in the closing hours and competing for ladder position against no one or very few active players.

While there are other players that put 35 hours in 1 single event by starting on day one, competing against a full active ladder of highly competitive players and are struggling to win an event at all.

This fix would also encourage more ladder activity because as of now players will just try to earn enough points to rank in the top 5 of their particular ladder. Whereas if there was a TRUE WORLD RANK LEADERBOARD those same players would have to also give thought as to how their current ladder total is going to place them in the TRUE WORLD RANK LEADERBOARD. Settling in on a position may be a risk of losing rank position on a TRUE WORLD RANK LEADERBOARD.

The TRUE WORLD LEADERBOARDS would show who the real leaders are. Total Points and Gems earned for each player in total from all of the events that they have played in.

And, each individual event should be awarding Gems appropriately based on the time or day of entry and the ladder position the player has at the end of the event.

merul0loemu21 - World League Play Ranks Are Clearly Bogus - League Play [True] World Rank Is Needed Badly!

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