CoD: Black Ops 4

Yes, Treyarch deserves criticism over this game. Yes, people are allowed to complain.

black ops 4 1 - Yes, Treyarch deserves criticism over this game. Yes, people are allowed to complain.

So many post have been popping up about "Nobody appreciates the hard work Treyarch does" or "People have no right to complain about X things".

Yes. Yes they do have a right to complain. People paid $60+ for a game that on release was essentially broken. Some people have even lost their pre-order bonuses and DLC from the fresh-start bug. Not to mention that servers were at a different tick rate from the beta. This combined with the terrible hitboxes, inconsistent hits, and i-frames from jumping have resulted in a very unbalanced multiplayer system, and Treyarch remained fairly silent on the matter for an extended period of time.

Yes. I am enjoying the game for the most part, and I also have my criticisms about the game. Treyarch has gotten REALLY lazy in their maintenance department over the last few years. Gorod Krovi still has almost a 100% crash rate when doing the EE, and Treyarch has yet to comment on the matter. Treyarch should be held accountable for their faults and their lack of communication.


Do I hope this game gets better? Yes. For the most part I have thoroughly enjoyed playing BO4. Blackout is by far one of the best BR game types out there, and puts PUBG to shame (INB4 Bluehole tries to sue Activision for plagiarism). Is the whole game absolutely garbage because of some negatives? Not at all. Should playing Ajax be a reportable offense? Absolutely. Is the game representative of what a finished product from a well seasoned company should be like? Absolutely not, and the community deserves to be vocal about the lack of effort present in some areas of the game. At least it can only go up from here.

TL;DR – People are allowed to fairly complain about a product that they purchased, and Ajax should be thrown in the trash.

Also, this post is not meant to support the arguments of people who complain about EVERY aspect of the game. You know who you all are.


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